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The US Men's Curling Team Is Just A Bunch Of Dads Who Somehow Won A Gold Medal

"Honey, have you seen my gold medal?"

While I acknowledge that the Winter Olympics are now over —*wipes single tear*— the good folks over at the internet have not.

Remember how, many moons ago, the US men's curling team brought home its FIRST EVER GOLD MEDAL?! Well, now Twitter has reminded us about them...

...and how they all look like dads.

Like, literal fathers.

Specifically, "I'm grillin' steaks at the barbecue tonight in my Sauconys" dads.

My favorite thing about these Olympics is the that the USA men’s curling team is just a group of dads at a barbecue. #Olympics #Curling

The entire US curling team looks like background actors on Cheers

The United States curling team looks like the minivan full of dads you'd see at an Applebee's.

The Swedish curling team are all these Scandinavian gods and our team is just dads in sweatpants

The USA’s curling uniforms look like what happens when you give a group of dads 20% off coupons to Kohl’s.

The US Men’s Curling Team looks like a group of dads that were just trying to get away from their families for the…

And then there's Reddit, who was quick to draw a box office comparison.

Yeah, they did this:

And naturally, a dream cast was assembled.

@GolicAndWingo Curling Dads: A Journey to the Olympics. Starring Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, Mark Wahlberg, and Adam Sandler. Got to happen

But regardless of their undeniable (and frankly, adorable) ~dad-ness~, the US curling team truly proved you should never underestimate your old man.

Go, Curling Dads™!!!!!!!!!!