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33 Pictures That Will Completely Alter Your Perception Of Ice Dancing Forever, Like It's No Joke

It's the most dangerous sport at the Olympics to me.

Some people think hockey is rough.

Downhill skiing is low-key terrifying.

And skeleton is wild, like a true death wish.

But I'm here to show you that ice dancing — yes, ice dancing — is probably the most extreme Olympic sport.

1. Ice dancing is wild — like, look at this move.

2. This woman is swinging from this man's NECK.


3. The physics behind this position are completely baffling to me.

4. And also here too?

5. This is straight-up lumberjack aerobics.

6. The way she's gently caressing the ice while her partner SWINGS her around is honestly gracefully impressive.

7. But this position...this just seems like she's cruisin' for a bruisin'.

8. She's giving him a chokehold just to hang on.

9. He's holding his breath!

10. I don't understand what's happening here at all.

11. What the?

12. How the?

13. What is he trying to accomplish here?

14. She's just, like, gliding on a single skate upside down.

15. Again, with the upside-down shenanigans.

16. That does not look stable!

17. And this man is swinging this woman while covering his eyes.

18. Mamma mia! Pay attention!

19. Again, she is balancing on him with her skate.

20. This is giving major "I'm a bird, you're a bird" vibes.

21. Keep in mind, they are on ice doing this.

22. She is just straight-up clutching his neck with her thighs.

23. And in this picture, she's just holding onto his thigh for dear life.

24. Where is he taking her?!

25. How is that possible?

26. She looks in pain!

27. That's gotta leave a big ol' thigh bruise.

28. Ouch!

29. Basically, ice dancing looks like a potential train wreck, but they're somehow pulling it off.

30. How?

31. And also how?!

32. Lastly, I'll leave you with this heart because it's very cute.

33. <3