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Lawmakers Are Mourning Rep. Elijah Cummings' Death At 68

"He was our moral and ethical North Star. Now we will be guided by his powerful memory and incomparable legacy."

Julia Reinstein 3 days ago

Trump Surprised Grieving Parents At The White House With Their Son's Suspected Killer

The parents of Harry Dunn refused the surprise meeting, which they described as a "bombshell."

Julia Reinstein 4 days ago

Police Charged 3 Nursing Home Workers With Running A Fight Club Of Patients With Dementia

The workers allegedly filmed a fight between two of the elderly residents and egged them on.

Julia Reinstein 5 days ago

"Fortnite" Is Back After Millions Of Players Watched Its Map Get Blown Up

Gamers had been wondering what was next after the 10th season ended with a mysterious black hole.

Julia Reinstein 5 days ago

At Least Two People Are Dead And Thousands Have Fled Their Homes In The Southern California Wildfires

"It's like you look up and all the sudden fire is everywhere. But we all help each other, we are all human, that is what is important."

Brianna Sacks 8 days ago

Prince's Estate Slammed Trump For Playing "Purple Rain" At A Rally

"The Prince Estate will never give permission to President Trump to use Prince’s songs."

Julia Reinstein 9 days ago

A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Suspended For "Bullying" After Saying There Was A Rapist In Her High School

"I honestly feel very ashamed that my school took this action," the student said.

Julia Reinstein 11 days ago

A Judge Cleared The Record Of A 21-Year-Old Who Was Jailed For 10 Days For Sleeping Through Jury Duty

"I made a mistake, but I didn't know I would go to jail. They don't tell you that if you miss jury duty you go to jail."

Julia Reinstein 12 days ago
Julia Reinstein 13 days ago
Julia Reinstein 16 days ago

Six Have Been Arrested In Connection To The HQ Trivia Founder's Fatal Drug Overdose

The drug business allegedly let customers order heroin and cocaine on the phone "with the same convenience as if they were ordering a pizza."

Julia Reinstein 17 days ago

A Teacher Fired For Refusing To Use A Transgender Student's Pronouns Is Suing The School

In the lawsuit, the teacher claims using the student's personal pronouns would "violate his conscience."

Julia Reinstein 18 days ago

The Reporter Fired In The “Busch Light Guy” Scandal Said He Feels “Abandoned” By The Des Moines Register

“I still in a lot of ways support the [Des Moines] Register,” fired reporter Aaron Calvin told BuzzFeed News. “I just wish they had believed in me.”

Julia Reinstein 22 days ago

A College Student Died In His Dorm Room And Wasn't Found For Nearly Two Months

The body was reportedly found after students complained of a mysterious stench in the dorm.

Julia Reinstein 25 days ago

Egypt Wanted To Arrest A New York Times Reporter, And The Trump Administration Was Reportedly Going To Let It Happen

The warning of the reporter's imminent arrest came from an unnamed US government official who "feared being punished for even alerting us to the danger," the newspaper's publisher said.

Julia Reinstein 26 days ago
Julia Reinstein One month ago

Trudeau Apologized After Two Images Of Him In Blackface Emerged — After He Apologized For Partying In Brownface

"Darkening your face, regardless of the context and circumstances, is always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface," the Canadian prime minister said.

Julia Reinstein One month ago

A 16-Year-Old Was Fatally Stabbed In A Fight And Teens Snapchatted It Instead Of Helping

"If they would've put their phones down, Khaseen would've probably made it," his sister said.

Julia Reinstein One month ago

A Sheriff Allegedly Tried To Have His Deputy Killed To Cover Up A Racist Recording

Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins allegedly told a man "the only way you gonna stop him is kill him."

Julia Reinstein One month ago

A Suspected Serial Killer Has Been Linked To The Murders Of Four Women

"We have been able to take what we believe is a serial killer off the streets, and had we not done this, we’re pretty sure he would've killed again."

Julia Reinstein One month ago