36 Slurpee Drinkers Who Won 7-Eleven "Bring Your Own Cup Day"

    We came, we slurped, we conquered.

    Friday and Saturday were Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven, a day when Slurpee lovers bring the biggest, weirdest, craziest cups and fill them with as much frozen sugar as they can hold.

    Here are the winners who really gave it their all this year:

    1. This couple that sipped from a toilet.

    2. This legend with a sled.

    3. This dude that drank a leg full of Slurpee.

    4. This guy who knows good things come in small packages.

    5. And this guy who knows the best things come in even bigger packages.

    6. This 7-Eleven store owner who knows that rules were made to be broken.

    7. This little girl and her Barbie.

    8. This woman with a pair of rain boots.

    9. This generous spirit who shared with her cat.

    10. These melon bros.

    11. This guy with a fish tank.

    12. This Viking.

    13. This person who kept it classy.

    14. And this guy who drank out of a condom.

    15. This innovator who knows shovels are more efficient than straws.

    16. Whoever 3-D printed this Slurpee cup.

    17. This office prankster.

    18. These fancy winos.

    19. This 7-Eleven devotee who crafted a special cup just for the occasion.

    20. This champion who decided five gallons was the right amount of Slurpee.

    21. This patriot.

    22. This hero who topped off her tequila.

    23. This squad.

    24. This tea sipper.

    25. This literal brain freeze.

    26. This legit Slurpee artist.

    27. This chicken lover.

    28. This guy who found another use for his bong.

    29. This pineapple carver.

    30. This genius who topped her Slurpee with gummy worms.

    31. This person who filled their rice cooker to the top.

    32. This Tom Selleck fan.

    33. This soccer star.

    34. This spooky slurper.

    35. This person who protected their precious cargo.

    36. And last but not least, this winner.