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16 Of The Best — And I Mean Best — Memes From The Winter Olympics So Far

For everyone who didn't know there was a Winter Olympics happening until a few days ago...

The Beijing Olympics are in full swing, and with it, of course, comes hilarious memes.

Here are just 16 of the funniest 2022 Winter Olympic memes so far:

1. When the iconic Pita Taufatofua (aka, Tonga's flag bearer) couldn't make this year's Olympics — but, thankfully, we still got Nathan Crumpton of American Samoa:

Catherine Ivill / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Olympics

Thanks, Nathan.

Flag bearer Nathan Crumpton of Team American Samoa carries their flag during the Opening Ceremony

2. When people didn't even realize the Winter Olympics were on, because what is time, anyway?

Didn't even know the Winter Olympics were taking place until I opened Twitter.

Twitter: @IntrovertStoned

3. When American figure skater Nathan Chen perfectly embodied this emoji:

Nathan Chen is actually the 🕺 emoji.

Matthew Stockman / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Olympics

4. When Canada showed up to the opening ceremony bundled up in basically everything:

Canada demonstrating all of the winter wear at once. #OlympicGames

NBC / Via Twitter: @MathewsSonya

Look at all that comfort.

Members of Team Canada wave during the Opening Ceremony wearing all-red gear, which include a puffy jacket, huge scarves, and boots

5. When people came up with memes for the "Welsh bobsleigh team":

Welsh bob sleigh team ready for the Olympics

Twitter: @GarethPc1237

6. When people were confused about the smokestacks at the Big Air venue — which were from a former industrial park...

Feels pretty dystopian to have some kind of nuclear facility as the backdrop for this Big Air skiing event 🥴

NBC / Via Twitter: @LindsayMpls

...and it became a meme:

The Big Air stadium at the Olympics seems to be right next to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Twitter: @jlove1982

7. And the fact that it's the Winter Olympics:

Like, why have snowy mountains as a backdrop when you can have gigantic smokestacks?

8. When "Imagine" played at the opening ceremony:

An Olympic opening ceremony using Imagine, eh. How original... #OpeningCeremony #WinterOlympics #Beijing2022

Twitter: @ChristianRad

9. Just, like, the mood of the figure skating song selections:

There is a lot of overlap between "music that is good for figure skating" and "music that is good for when a person is dying on Grey's Anatomy"

Twitter: @jilltwiss

10. When someone asks if you're watching the Winter Olympics:

Twitter: @ShooterMcGavin_

11. I mean, Blades of Glory references just *work* when it comes to Olympic figure skating:

Telling my kids this madison hubbell and zachary donohue #Olympics #Olympics2022 #Beijing2022 #figureskating

Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @gianna_coronado

12. When every sport is wildly terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time:

13. When the fashion is one of the best parts of the Olympics:

NBC / Via Twitter: @GoldenObsession

14. The fact that the ~chemistry~ between skating duo Brandon Frazier and Alexa Knierim pairs well with anything:

Just an average Friday night for us. #WinterOlympics

Twitter: @peacockTV

15. And finally: When we saw this wholesome moment of Japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu getting ready:

*commentators curious about how the olympic champ gets ready backstage* the olympic champ yuzuru hanyu:

Twitter: @yeolhaecasyuzu

16. Even though his short program didn't go as planned, he's still the main character:

The 2022 winter olympics does not start until Yuzuru Hanyu arrives in Beijing.

Twitter: @elitejean

What are some of your favorite Winter Olympic memes and moments so far? Let us know in the comments below!