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17 Athletes Training Who Prove That Olympians Are Actually Superhuman Creatures

I want whatever toxic spill they got.

Olympians are special beings that can do things normal humans cannot. it's just a fact! They are stronger, faster, and overall just better than the average everyday earthling. But the reason is probably because they aren't human at all. THEY ARE SUPERHUMAN CREATURES. See for yourself.

1. First let's look at Andri Ragettli, a skier from Switzerland. He's jumping from thing to thing while balancing on everything in the world and doing flips in between. Humans can't do this, therefore he is not human.

2. Here's Kelsey Serwa, a skier from Canada. I think she's probably the inspiration for that TV show Wipe Out. Except she doesn't wipe out.

3. And also, she and her friends don't do normal human squats. They do Wonder Woman-level squats. They probably go home to Themyscira for Thanksgiving!

4. Jumping must be a ~thing~ for superhuman creatures. This is Aja Evans, a US Bobsledder. Here she is jumping from a SEATED POSITION and landing several feet in the air. She is a demigod.

5. This is Josh Williamson, a USA Bobsledder, jumping while starting from his knees. Eat ur heart out Captain America!

6. And this is Axel Jungk. He is on team Germany and also can jump over things really easily. He's half frog.

7. Ondre Hotarek and Valentina Marchei of Italy don't just skate but... they skate with parachutes. It seems harder and more annoying than skating without parachutes, so yeah, gonna say they are not regular humans.

8. This guy, Swiss skier Fabian Bösch is clearly on some other level of being. Look at him do a backflip on a rollie thing and then land on the rollie thing without breaking his entire face and body.

9. Here we have Canadian luger Tristan Walker doing a pushup. But, THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S PUSHUP! He literally twirls in the air like, during the pushup? I don't even get how it is humanly possible. But he's not human so I guess it makes sense!

10. Now let's take a looksie at Hakeem Abdul-Saboor. I don't even know what you call this move, but he's wearing a whole buncha weights around his waist and looks just like his cousin, Hercules.

11. Moving on to Nate Weber, another bobsledder from team USA. Here he is training by pushing a very large and heavy looking vehicle. Thor called and wants to know how he did it.

12. This is Joey Mantia, a speed skater on team USA. Basically I just think he's bionic or something just for being able to do this and make it look easy. Also giant skating treadmills are cool and only special people get to use them.

13. Meet Akwasi Frimpong, he does the Skeleton and is the only Olympian representing Ghana. Also he can do this insane jumping high knee thing and I truly think he might be immortal.

14. This is Robby Franco, a skiier from Mexico, practicing his skills on a mountain with NO SNOW. Seems dangerous. He must be immortal.

15. Canadian bobsledder Neville Wright is made of steel, as you can see because he's lifting approximately three billion pounds of weights over and over again. Literally though it's 550 pounds. I stick with the one pounders, two if I want to sweat.

16. Here we have Jayson Terdiman, a doubles luger from USA, turning his body upside down with as much ease as I get into bed. He may or may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider.

17. And finally, this is how Mirai Nagasu trains for a triple axel. Quite simply, it is superhuman that she doesn't puke all over the place.

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