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26 Photos That'll Change Your Perception About Pole Dancing And Make You Want The Sport In The Next Olympics

The physical strength alone!

While there have been a few standout performances, the Winter Olympics has been kind of...lackluster this year, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. According to NBC, 2022 viewership is nearly half of what it was last time Olympians donned their national gear, and this year's games are on track to be some of the least-watched in US history.

On top of there being few well-known names to root for, I think part of the reason may be because of the obscure sports categories. Outside of figure skating, snowboarding, hockey, and MAYBE bobsledding, what else is there?

And that's why I'm nominating a true show of athleticism that should have been made an official Olympic sport long ago: pole dancing.

Here's why:

1. First of all, the strength is incredible.

2. Imagine holding yourself up, upside down, with a single hand.

3. You can also compete in teams!

4. Imagine how in-sync you have to be.

5. Or you could compete in pairs.

6. There's a whole story being told with their bodies.

7. If your man's support of you isn't this strong, throw him away.

8. This is ART.

9. Also, what other sport do you know of where athletes compete in HEELS?

10. Step on me.

11. Like, this is so powerful.

12. Did you know there are poles that aren't attached to the ground? That adds a whole other dynamic to the mix, because you're performing while swinging like a pendulum.

13. I couldn't even hold on to those swinging bars on playgrounds.

14. NBD, just making this look easy, like every single muscle in Simona's body isn't being engaged.

15. Athletes could also partially be judged on costumes.

16. Imagine them being as creative as this dancer, Tina, who has themed performances like this Marry Poppins set...

17. ...as well as The Ring...

18. ...and a classic witch.

19. Meanwhile, you can't deny that pole dancing is gymnastics in the air.

20. Can we also add points for aesthetics? 'Cause this neon is speaking to me.

21. I can't even do a split on the ground, but dancer Jordi makes it look easy.

22. How do y'all hold these positions while spinning?

23. And how do they contort themselves to create the most beautiful shapes in mid-air?

24. He's literally holding himself rod straight in the air, using only his hands.

25. I love how the audience/other dancers are cheering him on.

26. Despite requiring incredible strength, dancers make this look so effortless.

In conclusion, there's no way viewership would not rise if pole dancing was introduced as a sport. If you agree, let me know in the comments. If you don't? You're wrong. Love you, though.