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Here's How Much These 35 Olympians Have Changed From Their First Olympics To The Current Olympics

Simon Ammann's glow-up, though...

The 2022 Winter Olympics are about to come to an end, and we'll have to say goodbye to some of our favorite Olympians for another four years.

Eileen Gu skiing

But before we let them go, let's take a look back. Here are all our fave Olympians* at their first Olympics vs. the 2022 Olympics!

*Yes, I definitely favored American athletes a bit here. Team USA!!!!!!

1. Team USA: Snowboarder Shaun White in 2006

Shaun holding up an American flag

White in 2022

Shaun shouting as he snowboards

2. Team USA: Snowboarder Chloe Kim at her first Olympics in 2018

Chloe at medal ceremony in 2018

Kim in 2022

Chloe at medal ceremony in 2022

3. Team Netherlands: Speed skater Irene Wüst in 2006

Wurst giving a thumbs up

Irene Wüst in 2022

Wurst holding her hands in the hair

4. Team Japan: Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu in 2014

Yusuru holding his metal up

Hanyu in 2022

Hanyu competing during the men single skating

5. Team USA: Snowboarder Jamie Anderson in 2014

Anderson in 2022

Anderson sticking her tongue out

Here's a better recent shot of her just prior to competing in the Olympics.

6. Team USA: Figure skater Nathan Chen in 2018

Chen in 2022

Chen during medal ceremony

7. Team USA: Skiier Jessie Diggins in 2014

diggins at 2014 olympics

Diggins in 2022

Diggins at this year's olympics

8. Team USA: Bobsledder Elana Meyers in 2010

Elana holding up a flag

Meyers in 2022

Meyers holding up her silver medal

9. Team USA: Skiier Mikaela Shiffrin in 2014

Shiffrin in 2014 with her skiis and an american flag

Shiffrin in 2022

shiffrin about to compete in 2022

Here's a better shot of her face (she's on the right):

10. USA: Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis in 2006

Lindsey smiling at 2006 olympics

Jacobellis in 2022

jacobellis holding up trophy

11. Team USA: Snowboarder Red Gerard in 2018

Gerard on the podium with medal

Gerard in 2022

Gerard with his snowboard

Here's the most recent shot I could find of him without his goggles, from December 2021:

Gerard with his snowboard in 2021

12. Team USA: Skiier David Wise in 2014

Wise in 2022

Wise skiing at the 2022 Olympics

Here's a video of him where you can see his face:

13. Team USA: Ice hockey player Hilary Knight in 2010

Hilary clapping with a silver medal

Knight in 2022

Hilary skating during a warmup

Here's a video where you can see her a little better:

14. Team Canada: Bobsledder Kaillie Humphries in 2010

Kaillie after winning gold in 2010

Kaillie Humphries in 2022 (now with Team USA)

Humphries with her medal

15. Team USA: Speed skater Erin Jackson in 2018

Erin competing in 2018

Jackson in 2022

Erin waving after winning in 2022

16. Team USA: Speed skater Brittany Bowe in 2014

Bowe competing

Here's a better photo of her at a press conference prior to the 2014 Olympics:

Brittany at a press conference

Bowe in 2022

Bowe celebrating with her hands up

17. Team USA: Curler John Shuster in 2006

John competing

John Shuster in 2022

Shuster competing in 2022

18. Team Germany: Luger Natalie Geisenberger in 2010

Natalie with her medal in 2010

Geisenberger in 2022

Natalie posing with gold medal in 2022

19. Team Canada: Skiier Mikaël Kingsbury in 2014

Kingsbury celebrating in 2014

Kingsbury in 2022

Kingsbury celebrating in 2022

20. Team Germany: Speed skater Claudia Pechstein in 1992

Pechstein skating

Here's another look at Pechstein in 1992:

Pechstein in 1992

Pechstein in 2022

Pechstein making a heart with her hands after skating

21. Team Brazil: Skiier Jaqueline Mourão in 2006

Mourão skiing

Mourão in 2022

Mourão in 2022

22. Team Switzerland: Ski Jumper Simon Ammann in 2002 (he actually first competed in 1998, but he didn't place, and I couldn't find any photos)

Ammann in 2022

Ammann on a jump in 2022

23. Team USA: Snowboarder Nick Baumgartner in 2010

Baumgartner in 2022

Baumgartner with his gold medal onstage

24. Team France: Skiier Johan Clarey in 2010

Clarey skiiing in 2010

Clarey in 2022

Clarey with his medal in 2022

25. Team Norway: Curler Torger Nergaard in 2002

Nergaard receiving his medal

Nergaard in 2022

Nergaard competing in 2022

26. Team China: Figure skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong in 2018

Wenjing and Cong waving in 2018

Wenjing and Cong in 2022

Wenjing and Cong waving in 2022

27. Team Netherlands: Speed Skater Irene Schouten in 2018

Irene with medal

Schouten in 2022

Schouten with bronze medal

28. Team Italy: Speed skater Arianna Fontana in 2006

Fontana competing in 2006

Here's another photo without her goggles and helmet:

Fontana waving with her medal

Fontana in 2022

Fontana onstage with medal

29. Team Sweden: Skiier Charlotte Kalla in 2010

Kalla with her gold medal

Kalla in 2022

Kalla competing

Here's a photo from three weeks ago where you can see her face better:

30. Team USA: Speed skater Maame Biney in 2018

Biney competing in 2018

Biney in 2022

Biney just after skating

Here's a photo of Biney just before the Olympics without her goggles:

31. Team Norway: Skiier Johannes Thingnes Bø in 2014

Bo competing in 2014

Thingnes Bø in 2022

Bo with medal onstage

32. Team Germany: Bobsledder Francesco Friedrich in 2014

Friedrich about to bobsled

Friedrich in 2022

Friedrich with gold medal

33. Team Japan: Ski jumper Sara Takanashi in 2014

Takanashi preparing for her jump in 2014

Takanashi in 2022

Takanashi preparing for her jump in 2022

34. Team USA: Skiier Alex Ferreira in 2018

Alex Ferreira holding up "I love you" finger sings

Ferreira in 2022

Ferreira after first run in 2022

Here's a recent photo of him without his goggles:

35. Team USA: Skiier Aaron Blunck in 2014

Blunck waiting for his score

And finally...Blunck in 2022

Blunck after his second run

Who impressed you most at this year's Olympics? Let us know in the comments!