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There's A World Famous Streaker Who Crashed The Olympics And Fell Right On His Face

First of all, there's a world-famous streaker.

Meet Mark Roberts. He's a dad of three from Liverpool, England, and a professional streaker.

Yes. A professional streaker.

Roberts streaks now total 519, with the streaker even managing to get on the field in the second half of Super Bowl XXXVIII's following the infamous "nipplegate" before retiring in 2013.

That is, until he came out of retirement for the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

It's worth mentioning that Roberts has streaking standards.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, the naked global celebrity was very clear.

"I can’t do it during the game, it has to be before the game is in play," he said. "I don’t want to interrupt the game … I’m a professional."


The guy who streaked speedskating here Saturday? Same guy who did the Super Bowl. Same guy I wrote about back in 20…

This time, it was the fans waiting for the medal ceremony for the men's 1,000-meter speed skating event who were treated to Roberts' epic streaking comeback.

While the pro has been known to streak for brands in the past, this event was all about spreading the message of peace and love.

Sometimes in the midst of the terrible things that are happening daily in this world we need someone to remind us a…

Twitter was pretty much here for it.

@lili_charlott Should the world end in nuclear war, I want this guy obscuring my view of the mushroom cloud


Who else wishes they held the prestigious title of " World Famous Streaker " @neilpatel #STREAKER #AllDay

I wonder where he'll hang his gold medal?

This streaker just won the #Olympics. 📷: @GettyImages #PyeongChang2018

It's unclear how Olympic officials will handle the situation, although fines have never stopped Roberts in the past.

Well played, Mark, well played. Keep bringing joy and monkey socks to the world.