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This Hilarious Exchange Between Ryan Reynolds And Tessa Virtue Is Everything

"Scott, get the mini van..."

It's been a few days since Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir took home the gold medal in ice dancing for Canada, and I'm quite honestly still not over it.

Canadians (and non-Canadians, including yours truly!) can't get enough of this perfect duo — and yes, that includes Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds. Ryan expressed his gratitude for the pair and not-so-subtly implied that they should be an official couple:

Go @TeamCanada!!@CassieSharpe is a legend — makin’ it look easy. And thank you @tessavirtue & @ScottMoir for agreei… https://t.co/EKDAHSk4lw

Of course, QUEEN TESSA was ready with a perfect response:

@VancityReynolds @TeamCanada @ScottMoir And here I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with a post-competition car… https://t.co/NqlB4tY976

SCOTT. GET. THE. MINI. VAN. It's just so perfect. Here's a look at their blissful future raising Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's children:

@tessavirtue @VancityReynolds @TeamCanada @ScottMoir #virtuemoir road trip!!

Naturally, people were freaking out:

I need the reality show where Tessa & Scott babysit for Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

“scott, get the mini van” tessa out here giving me heart attacks https://t.co/7aIYrN6zH9

"scott, get the mini van!" fkajfvfxk i wAS NOT READY TESSA


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