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15 Tweets That Really Sum Up The Olympics Closing Ceremony

Goodbye Pyeongchang, you were amazing.

1. Welp. Another Winter Olympics have come and gone, and the closing ceremony ruled.

#Mood. // #Olympics #ClosingCeremony #PyeongChang2018 #THISISSOBADASSWTH

2. Lives were changed.

This gif opened my third eye and made me astral project #Olympics_EXO #exo #closingceremony @weareoneEXO

3. The outfits were on FIRE.

One last PyeongChang party #ClosingCeremony right now @NBCOlympics @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir

4. SUPER on point.

I’m pretty sure @JohnnyGWeir has a “the more you know” star in his hair and I love it. #WinterOlympics… https://t.co/Se1BaXamwy

5. Really.

This child’s cable-knit sweater under a leather jacket look is EVERYTHING. ❤️ #Olympics #Fashion #ClosingCeremony… https://t.co/QNb5UuIVbk

6. Folks were blown away by 13-year-old guitarist Yang Tae Hwan.

#ClosingCeremony "He released his debut album at age 10" Me at age of 10:

7. K-pop ruled supreme.

Ready to throw my TV out the window when the Olympic commentators try to explain kpop to me/talk over EXO's perform… https://t.co/mmfhsEGSA4

8. The guys from EXO put on one hell of a performance.

So cool 👍👍 @weareoneEXO #Olympics_EXO #ClosingCeremony

9. And K-pop fans were psyched.

All these articles beautifully written about EXO’s performance at the #ClosingCeremony praising them and recognizin… https://t.co/f5IxgmyQuQ

10. There were light up pandas.

You had me at “light up pandas.” #closingceremony


12. And light up skiers.

Them dudes are lit. #ClosingCeremony

13. The French pairs figure skating team kept in good form.

🤣🤣🤣 France pairs skaters, I love you guys! #ClosingCeremony

14. We said goodbye to Soohorang.

You will be missed, #Soohorang! Bye bye! 😍 #ClosingCeremony #PyeongChang2018

15. And we all remembered:

The Olympics should be the ultimate reminder that- our borders aside, skin color aside, language aside, traditions… https://t.co/Bm7jzhZyeb

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