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    21 Famous People Who Were Actually Pretty Unpopular In High School

    Just look at them now!

    Hi, I'm Hannah, and I wasn't cool in high school!

    But hey, I'm in good company. Turns out a lot of our fave celebs were also uncool in high school! Here are some that just may surprise you:

    1. Charlize Theron

    2. Jennifer Garner

    photos of Jennifer in high school marching band

    3. Mindy Kaling

    4. Ryan Gosling

    5. Selena Gomez

    6. Cameron Diaz

    7. Halsey

    8. Liam Hemsworth

    9. Jennifer Lawrence

    10. Lizzo

    11. Shay Mitchell

    12. Ryan Reynolds

    13. Janel Parrish

    14. Halle Berry

    15. Rashida Jones

    16. Christian Bale

    17. Pete Davidson

    18. Tom Holland

    19. Zac Efron

    20. Jake Gyllenhaal

    21. And finally, Lady Gaga