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August 24, 2012

Watch The World's Worst Standup Get Punched For Being A Creepy Racist

He has since retired the character, which he's been performing as for a long time. If this is some kind of viral stunt — totally possible! —  well, that wouldn't make it any better. Worse, actually! Even if this particular video is fake, this guy is for real terrible.

5 Bizarre, Very New York Moments From Outside The Empire State Building

Near the Empire State Building shooting, one woman asked reporters for business cards, hoping to send them a press release about her company. Another was upset she couldn't cross police tape to get to an appointment with her therapist.

Venus, The Amazing Chimera Cat

When a friend of this cat's mom snapped some photos of her and posted them to reddit, no one had any idea they would immediately go super viral and that she would be accused of photoshopping her incredible kitty. The owner has taken the accusations in stride and -- thankfully for those of us that just like pretty kitties -- responded by posting tons more pictures and video of the gorgeous Venus.

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