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May 1, 2010

The doors have become self-aware, and they're starting to fight back.

How to stylishly store your dreams away once you've given up on life.

Paris Hilton needs attention, wears see-thru bra.

I want all of these. I guess that makes me a failure.

Fred Wilson talks about what happens when you change your mind.

She's from Russia with love -- and armed with sex toys, drugs and secret videotape.

In honor of the Kentucky Derby today, I decided to see how short jockeys really were, especially compared to other professional athletes.

This is probably the only positive thing Heidi Montag has ever done.

He looks beautiful.

Don't attack my dog or you might get shot—if you're a coyote. - Gov. Ricky Perry

Is Wikipedia knowingly distributing child pornography?

This is not the official video for the Black Keys' song 'Next Girl.' This is an attempt by their record company to attract attention to the band using a ridiculous dinosaur puppet.

The latest viral buzz from

The latest viral buzz from

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