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May 14, 2010

Family Guy : Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington

FAMILY GUY: Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington When Happy-Go-Lucky Toys is purchased by a tobacco conglomerate, Peter becomes a Washington lobbyist... and his Congressional testimony causes the company to suffer a huge fine.

USA Vs. Mexico- Border Volleyball

This is a photo taken in Naco, Arizona (1979) of a volleyball game between Mexican and U.S. citizens, using the border fence between Mexico and Arizona as the net. What happened to you, Arizona? You used to be cool.

I Hate Muffins

One of the most overused Hollywood cliches ever, has now been compiled into one concise YouTube video.

Softball = Gay

Haha. More like Gaygan - right, guys? Brilliant investigative reporting/analytical reasoning from our old pals the Mainstream Media. Remember this video next time you're at a softball game.* (Via @rcbth.)

Inappropriate Jazz Hands

Inappropriate? I dunno, I think Gene Simmons could break out some fine moves. Oh, the other ones. Yeah, I can see that.

Pinky Is Driving

I think what she must have meant was "Awesome, Pinky just got in a car accident..."

Man in Toilet Tweets for Toilet Paper

Naika_tei, a DJ from Tokyo found himself in the awkward situation of having no toilet paper right after he finished his business in the little boy's room in an electronics store in Akihabara. So he tweeted: [Urgently needed] toilet paper in the 3rd floor toilet of Akiba Yodobashi. 18 mins later, the toilet paper arrived safely! I might have then stood outside the stall door and provided mood music. Never trust the internet to not bring you a creep.

Guardian Road Angel

Police in Fribourg, Switzerland, have employed a 'guardian angel' to encourage drivers to slow down on the town's roads. He reminds me of a creepier version of 'Michael' except too much angel and not enough Travolta. Can you imagine how fast cars would slow down if it actually was Travolta? problem solved.

The Smiling Chihuahua

I didn't think this video of a chihuahua smiling could get any cuter; then I watched it without sound.

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