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May 19, 2010

Owl City Spoofed Right

It's a little TOO easy to make fun of Owl City, but this parody does kind of rule.

Top 11 OpenBook Facebook Searches

Openbook is a brilliant new site that allows you to search Facebook status updates. Take a tour through the wonderful world of oversharers who don't know how to set their Facebook privacy settings.

eBay Bandit

The person behind this eBay account never pays for their stuff!

The Bullet Clown

A clown remembers the tragic death of a loved one while performing her chores and finds an escape through the sensual pleasures of bullets. This film must be directed by Harmony Korine. (via:Fark)

NBC Correspondent Swallows Huge Fly On Camera

I've heard the CIA has been using these for years, but it’s the first time I’ve actually seen one caught on film — an intel-gathering “fly drone”, which in this case quickly flew back out of the subject when it was realized no intelligence was contained at the site. (via:Fark)

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