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May 10, 2010

We Built Sioux City

The Convention & Tourism Bureau made this video starring local celebrities singing a civic pride rock anthem about Sioux City, IA.

Kenny Strasser: The Garth Brooks of Yo-Yo

Self-proclaimed yo-yo champion Kenny Strasser has surfaced again. This time, he unveils his new trick called, "The Blue Flying Angel." With four yo-yos in each hand, Strasser attempts the "trick" but mangles it badly and falls to the ground. So if you see a man in suspenders and a yellow baseball cap, possibly being strangled by his own yo-yo, please — do not alert your local news station.

Tiger Woods' Bulging Dick

Golf Channel sportscaster Win McMurry mixes up a bulging disk injury with a bulging "dick" injury.

Mobile Phone Rockstar

This E-nstrument proves that the three distinct mobile operating systems can, in fact, make beautiful music together. One part Steve Jobs. One part Neil Diamond. E-ngenious. []

Facebook Ad Fail

It's almost like Facebook's ad-monitoring team just got really depressed and gave up.

The Art Of Picklebacking

The BuzzFeed staff do yeoman's work by sampling various pickle brines in hopes of producing the perfect "pickleback."

Space Slug Oven Mitt

New from the Star Wars Shop. I wonder if you left this mitt alone in a dark room, would it asexually reproduce into a mitt for your other hand?

Food Beard

Food Beard is a Tumblog dedicated to what else, but celebrities with beards made of food.

Dark Side Of The Moon In Lights

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon artwork recreated by Sky Arts on Primrose Hill in North London's Regent's Park using lasers and a smoke machine. There are a couple of other album covers I definitely wouldn't mind seeing done up like this, especially heavy metal band Riot's album-"Fire Down Under "

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