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May 7, 2010

Dog Band

Debut video from Sean Og from Ireland for his new song, "I still love you without your car". The song is fucking awful but the the banjo and fiddle playing dogs make this video worth the watch!! []

The Inbox of Your Dreams

Dream girl, dream house, dream's another thing you'll never actually have: dream inbox.

Dick Slang

A dance where guys swing their hips around while wearing loose-fitting pants in order to show off the size of their dicks.

Life-Altering Dinnerware

Hafsteinn Juliusson, Rui Pereira and Joana Pais’s “Wheel of Nutrition” plate set is a dead-simple color-coded diet-management system. Even though these plates show some great potential, I would be hesitant to break these bad boys out at my next dinner party. Actually, they may find themselves in their very own cabinet....way in the back.

Beauty and the Beast

Redditor glasnostic snapped this shot of her friend and her cat on her wedding day, catching her furry friend a little off guard. It just me or does this cat bare a striking resemblance to Dwight Schrute?

The Market Plunge

Does the market plunge matter to the world of entrepreneurship and startups?

Instant Zombie T-Shirt

I think this comes in a close second to the Velociraptor hoodie. Eat your heart out George Romero.

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