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Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

Descend into the depths of the inferno and lay waste to everything in your path as a Robot Unicorn death machine.

adultswim 9 years ago

Family Guy: Model Misbehavior

When the Griffins take a trip to Lois' childhood home, Lois decides to finally pursue her childhood dream of becoming a model.

adultswim 9 years ago

King of the Hill: Hank's Back Story

Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer enter the Durndle County Lawn Mower Races, but Hank is almost sidelined by debilitating back pain that is diagnosed as the result of the genetic condition of not having a rear end.

adultswim 9 years ago

King of the Hill: Hank and the Great Glass Elevator

Bill finds himself in the middle of a romantic tug-of-war between his ex-wfe, Lenore, and ex-Texas governor Ann Richards; Peggy and Bobby discover the pleasures of charcoal-grilled meat.

adultswim 9 years ago

Family Guy: Don't Make Me over

A mall makeover launches Meg into super-stardom, culminating in an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

adultswim 9 years ago

Family Guy : North by North Quahog

During their second honeymoon, Peter and Lois stumble upon a horror too great to bear: Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ 2.

adultswim 9 years ago

Family Guy, "Death Lives"

After a near-death experience on his anniversary, Peter learns the importance of spending time with Lois.

adultswim 9 years ago