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May 4, 2010


Keep the rain away and annoy the shit out of everyone around you all at the same time.

Wizard of Oz 2

Toto has blood in his eyes and he's going to wreak some fucking havoc on OZ. It's mind boggling that there is a "Saw" trilogy and this will never see the big screen. Big fail, hollywood. This is the best film you'll never make.

Henry and Glenn Forever

For your enjoyment, a series of one-panel gags illustrating the romantic misadventures of “super-notorious” power couple Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins, and their satanist neighbors Hall & Oates.

Internet-Flavored Ice Cream

An ice cream parlor near MIT created this conceptual flavor: vanilla ice cream dotted with Nerds candy.

Man Marries His Dying Cat

A GERMAN postman has "married" his obese and asthmatic cat, saying he wanted to tie the knot before his pet died. This may be either the creepiest or the sweetest thing I've ever heard. This would only happen in Germany, or the deep south.

Baroque Band

Now those are some classy dames. T-Shirt Design by Kristin Marshall available for sale on Threadless. If you dig it, vote it up!

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