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May 6, 2010

Nirvana Baby Speaks

You've seen his baby penis. Now see how he's turned out (pretty cool, actually!).

Kitchen-Cabinet iPad

See? I told you they were going to start figuring out practical uses for this machine.

Killer King

needless to say, I think this takes the cake for best use of photoshop.

Swan Disguise

Think your bird is ugly? tired of looking at it? Or maybe your bird has a dance coming up and needs a costume. Either way, you can now turn any ordinary bird into a beautiful swan with the swan head disguise.

Ask Danny (On Second Thought, Don't)

Celebrity Agony Uncle Danny Dyer has sparked outrage after advising a heartbroken man to "cut his ex's face, so no one will want her" in his problem page in Zoo magazine. Danny has responded by saying he was mis-quoted and that there was a serious production error. Seriously, I think I might use that excuse for everything now, I can hear myself saying firmly ‘I’m terribly sorry it was a production error’. I might even use it when I overcook the steak. Nice. [via:]

Veganizing Betty Crocker

Dan and Annie Shannon over at Meet The Shannons are doing an amazing job veganizing all of the recipes in Betty Crocker's cookbook. I want to make these recipes and then eat the food that results from me making these recipes. That is how I feel about this noble project.

Mickey Mouse Has a Mind of His Own

Disney recently began testing a “Meet and Greet” Talking Mickey at Disneyland, which was developed as part of its ongoing “Living Character Initiative.” I also heard that Mickey is Britney's new beau, isn't he a bit too mature for her? [via: ]

Why Women Cry

it's true, sometimes we just get an unexplained urge to fill our cry sockets and once they're full we need to drain them.

The Deprofiler

The ACLU has launched a new website called “The Deprofiler,” providing masks to remove “reasonable suspicion” if you travel to Arizona. Awesome. It also helps to wear a yamaka and a prosthetic giant nose. (Via.)

Cleavage Capturing Camera

This digital camera captures those precious moments of life from a height of 20 meters above you while taking the meaning of voyeurism to a whole new level.

Trash Humpers

Harmony Korine's latest film, Trash Humpers is a a true portrait of America. I have a feeling this film is going to cause a cultural revolution. Trash humping will be a main staple after it's released.

Shooting Tourists!

Ever wonder what you look like when you're a tourist? Photographer Alan Powdrill shows you with his personal project on tourists around the globe. The man on the right has obviously been practicing his filming pose for a while.

Barack Battles Global Warming

Barack will then use his eye lasers to cut through the volcanic ash of Eyjafjallajokull, and his mind bending telekinesis to pull all the oil out of the ocean.

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