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March 1, 2017

Las mujeres están enojadas con esta campaña que puso a hombres a promover el DIU

Intentaron crear conciencia pero usaron a hombres para hablar de un anticonceptivo femenino.

Medical Examiner Contradicts NYPD: Dead Russian Diplomat Had No Head Wound After All

The FBI also helped investigate the sudden death of Sergei Krivov on Election Day, despite telling BuzzFeed News it had not. No explanation was given for either discrepancy.

Georgia Bill Designed To Limit College Rape Investigations Advances

Legislation that would be squarely at odds with Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault cases moved forward over opposition from student activists.

Doctors In Queensland Can Now Prescribe Medicinal Cannabis (If You Can Find Them)

Where my authorised medicinal cannabis prescribing doctors at?

Vida Real: I Am A Sex Worker

Sex work is sometimes more than just sex.

The Government Knows How Much Uni Fees Will Cost Under Deregulation But It Won't Tell Us

Oh, and the $152 million in cuts to higher education are still on the table.

States Are Requiring Doctors To Tell Women About An Unproven Procedure Called “Abortion Reversal”

“This is a dangerous intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship,” one OB-GYN said.

Military Officers Aren’t Happy With Trump’s Tribute To A Fallen Navy SEAL

Current military officers used the word “distasteful” to describe President Donald Trump’s mention of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who was killed during a raid in Yemen, during his speech to Congress.

This "Pride & Prejudice" Test Is Mad Easy So Just Take It, OK?

Tbh, if you've read the book or seen any of the adaptations, you should be able to nail this.

How The Oscar Flub Demonstrates The Limits of Black Graciousness

What happened at the Oscars this year showed us that the graciousness black artists are expected to show at all times is still extra credit for white people.

The True Story Of Two Clueless Idiots Who Accidentally Learned To Love NASCAR

"Speed Secrets" – the amazing true story of two clueless idiots who accidentally became NASCAR fans.

DREAMer Arrested After Speaking At News Conference Files To Stop Her Deportation

Daniela Vargas was detained by federal agents moments after leaving a news conference where she spoke about her fear of being deported.

18 Absolutely Cool Things To Do With Your Kids In Las Vegas

Go to Vegas they said, take the kids they said...

16 pequenas maneiras de evitar que a ansiedade arruine a sua vida

Porque a ansiedade não entra nas nossas vidas pedindo licença e perguntando se agora é uma boa hora.

Snapchat Hits $34 Billion Valuation In First Day Of Trading

The loss-making social media app will spend years living up to investor expectations for rapid growth in revenue and users.

Can We Guess Which Oscar Winner You Would Be Best Friends With?

Who's going to shout you out in their acceptance speech?

What Trans Youth Need To Hear Right Now, According To Trans Adults

"Trans youth, I see you. You are more than your body. You are perfect. I love you, and it will get better.”

30 fotos que mostram a loucura que era a vida noturna de Nova York nos anos 90

O fotógrafo Steve Eichner tinha acesso exclusivo a algumas das festas mais badaladas da cidade. Fotos reunidas pela Getty Images.

Government Accused Of Covering Up Damning Report Into Teen's Work For The Dole Death

"This is about accountability – people deserve to know what the government is doing to make sure participants in Work for the Dole aren’t at risk."

Marijuana Industry Says Sessions Can’t Turn Back The Clock On Legal Pot

As the Trump administration hints at a cannabis crackdown, state officials and industry leaders insist they won’t back away from the booming industry. “It’s business as usual.”

The Academy Won't Work With The Two Accountants Responsible For The Best Picture Flub Again

Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz are responsible for handing Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the wrong envelope.

Sheet Pan Steak and Rainbow Veggies

Brighten up that steak dinner.

Are You Smarter Than An NFL Player

You actually have to be smart to play in the NFL.

【東日本大震災6年】最愛の人に会いに遺族が向かう場所 僧が説く死者と私たちの関係


15 Eerie Pictures Of An Empty NYC

The streets were deserted AF.

These 5 Disney Questions Will Determine Which Celebrity You Are

When you wish upon a star, you become one.

Tibet's Women’s Soccer Team Was Denied Visas To Play In A US Tournament

Players were allegedly told that they “have no good reason to visit the US.”

12 coisas que Ivete Sangalo fez neste carnaval

Tudo que era possível de se fazer num carnaval, ela fez.

McDonald's Will Soon Offer Delivery

It could just work: 75% of the population live within 3 miles of a McDonald’s.

I Tried The Airfryer Kitchen Gadget That's All Over The Internet

The Airfryer is supposed to fry foods in a ~healthier~ way. But how legit is it? I wanted to find out.

8 Products You Can Buy To Annoy Your Anti-Trump Girlfriend

Make romance great again with these outlandish Trump products that will annoy the ever living sh** out of your girlfriend.

Ladrão roubou celular, xavecou vítima pelo Facebook e ainda mandou áudio no grupo da família

Ele se disse arrependido, mas nada de devolver o Motorola que roubou no Carnaval...

Se você é mulher e é péssima em matemática, este pode ser o motivo

Alerta de spoiler: isto vai partir seu coração.

A Man Is Accused Of Giving Women Foot Massages Without Their Consent At A Mall

“I was stunned, absolutely stunned. I had no words, I was speechless."

¿Cómo te sientes ante la idea de viajar a Estados Unidos ahora que Trump es presidente?

A nuestros lectores de todo el mundo, queremos saber cómo se sienten ante la idea de visitar Estados Unidos en la actualidad.

Oprah Had An Aha! Moment And Is Rethinking Running For President

Currently jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on Oprah.

What Did You Do Before BuzzFeed?

You have to start somewhere. Scrubbing toilets and working at McDonalds can lead to great things.

Would You Eat These Pancakes Filled With Tuna?

Does this look like nice snack or do you wanna yack?

House Of Lords Tells Theresa May EU Citizens Should Remain In The UK Post-Brexit

The House of Lords has backed an amendment to Brexit legislation that would automatically allow allow EU citizens living in the UK to remain – much to the annoyance of the government.

Here's What Happens When You Turn 21 In Foster Care

Turning 21 is a very different experience when you grow up in foster care.

Scientists Have Finally Figured Out How To Heat Up Cryogenically Frozen Tissue

But before you get excited: We’re still a long way from using the technology for entire organs, let alone whole people.

¿Puedes adivinar la película por su Gael García Bernal?

Un quiz que sólo un conocedor podría aprobar.

18 Cosas que no sabíamos a principios de febrero

Incluyendo siete nuevos planetas similares a la Tierra, abejas que pueden usar herramientas y un gusano gigante de 400 millones años con el que probablemente no querrías toparte en el mar.

39 pensamentos que todo mundo tem na quarta-feira de cinzas

"Será que postaram AQUELA foto minha completamente doido?"

Here's Why You Might See Some Christians With Sparkly Crosses This Ash Wednesday

But not everyone agrees with adding sparkle to such a somber occasion.

18 Super Tiny Things On "The Office" That You Probably Never Noticed

You know, just the stuff you only notice while watching the show for the 100th time.

Casey Affleck quebrou seu silêncio sobre as denúncias de abuso sexual contra ele

"Não há nada que eu possa fazer sobre isso", disse o ator ao jornal "Boston Globe" após ganhar o Oscar.

12 Disney Characters Who Are Total Ravenclaws

Where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.

19 Razones por las que la vida era más complicada antes de los smartphones

Eran épocas más simples. (Y, al mismo tiempo, ¡mucho más difíciles!)

O seu carnaval foi igual ao de todo mundo?

( ) Beijei Deus e o mundo. ( ) Tem glitter até na minha alma. ( ) Dormi tanto que deu até dor nas costas.

As imagens impressionantes do incêndio na favela de Paraisópolis, em São Paulo

Incêndio se alastrou rapidamente e atingiu mais de 50 barracos. Há mais de 90 bombeiros neste momento no local. Ainda não há informações sobre mortos e feridos com gravidade.

12 Disney Characters Who Are Totally And Indisputably Slytherin

These cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends

12 Disney Characters Who Are Totally And Indisputably Gryffindors

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.

12 Disney Characters Who Are Hufflepuff AF

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.

These Tiny Fossils From An Ancient Undersea Vent Are The Oldest Ever Found

The remains of 4-billion-year-old bacteria found in rocks in northern Canada could tell us about the origin of life on Earth – and perhaps on Mars.

Use PVC Pipe And A Hair Dryer To Dry Out Your Boots In Half The Time

These boots are made for walkin', rain or shine.

How Do You Feel About Traveling To The US Now That Trump Is President?

To our readers around the world: we want to know how you feel about visiting the US these days.

Meet The New Cast Of "Dancing With The Stars"

Simone Biles, Nick Viall, and Mr. T top the list.

A polícia "prendeu" uma velhinha de 99 anos para que ela pudesse riscar isso de sua lista de desejos

"Foram só alguns minutos na cela. Valeu pela experiência", disse a polícia.

11 trucs qui feront plaisir à tous les Bretons qui en ont marre de Paris

Comment on dit «il n'y a pas de quoi» en Breton?

People Are Trolling CNN For Not Including Any Women In Its "Future Of Media" Cover Story

"I mean, to be fair, I do believe the future of media looks like a bunch of self-satisfied dudes staring at me."

23 Irresistibly Weird Books You Won't Believe Actually Exist

"I decided to order this book because my cat was out of control; promiscuous, a gun nut, and using the internet unsafely..."

Federal Cybercrime Officials Are Investigating Jewish Center Threats And If A "Troll" Is Involved

The FBI is exploring multiple angles, BuzzFeed News has learned, including the possibility that an online troll is involved in the latest wave of bomb threats to Jewish centers and schools this week.

What Are The Best Makeup Products For People Of Color?

Tell us which makeup products and brands are perfect for dark skin tones.

17 Datos que seguro no sabías sobre películas clásicas de la década de 2000

En serio, lo único que quiero ver ahora es a Clint Eastwood interpretando a Miranda Priestly en The Devil Wears Prada.

“You People” Are Doing An Amazing Job, Trump Told HBCU Presidents

After a scrutinized meeting with President Trump, four officials from historically black colleges and universities said it was OK — except for the president referring to them as “you people.”

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Officially Split

The pair are taking "respectful, loving space at this time."

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Aerie, Uniqlo, Society6, and more!

19 Times Glasgow Uni Students Went Way, Way Too Far

Guys, you really need to stop shagging in the library.

Aprenda a fazer esta deliciosa berinjela laminada

Um novo jeito de assar este maravilhoso vegetal.

18 Dinge, die du nur verstehst, wenn du Menschen einfach nicht leiden kannst

Sagen wir's so. Du bist nicht allzu gern unter Leuten.

21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A cute cape, gel highlighters, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

The Women In “Big Little Lies” Have Everything Except It All

The new HBO series is a self-aware rebuttal to the hashtag-branded fantasy of the perfect working mother that its characters struggle (and inevitably fail) to live up to. (Light spoilers for Episode 3.)

Here's How Deported Grandmother Irene Clennell Is Dealing With Her New Life In Exile

Exclusive: Clennell was put on a plane to Singapore on Sunday, leaving behind her sick British husband of 27 years. BuzzFeed News was with her as she tried to adjust.

22 Estupideces que he tenido que escuchar desde que soy VIH+

A veces lo que mata no es el virus, sino la agresión ajena.

3.5 Million Americans Could Encounter Man-Made Earthquakes This Year, USGS Says

Dumping oil and gas wastewater deep underground is still triggering quakes nationwide, the feds warn.

Así se veía el mundo la última vez que el Cruz Azul fue campeón

Veinte años siendo la máquina de subcampeonatos.

"Princess Diaries 3" May Still Be Happening After All

"I’m all for it," Andrews told BuzzFeed News.

Marcelo Odebrecht vai dizer que Dilma sabia do esquema de propinas, dizem investigadores

Ex-presidente da maior construtora do país deverá corroborar versão do marqueteiro João Santana na ação de cassação da chapa Dilma/Temer. Odebrecht também deve esclarecer sobre repasse de dinheiro a Eliseu Padilha.

How Terrible Are Your High Street Opinions?

This is a very important test of your character.

18 Airbnbs For Anyone Who Just Fucking Loves Books

Libraries to make Belle green with envy.

Ces portraits de nus sont très réalistes et éloquents

«Je peins le corps, mais j'ai toujours tenté de capturer l'essence d'un individu qui n'est ni définissable, ni descriptible.»

22 Cringe Things '00s British Schoolgirls Were Slightly Obsessed With

You could never carry your backpack on two shoulders.

32 Unexpected Places You Should Be Cleaning In Your Home

Gross. Just...gross. The products in this post were updated in April 2018.

Do You Find These Things Sexy Or Just Really Fucking Awkward?

Does it get your motor running or make your skin crawl?

Saurez-vous retrouver la vraie œuvre d'art si on change un tout petit détail?

Pouvez-vous faire la différence entre la vraie peinture et une copie très similaire?

This Inkblot Test Will Reveal Your Soulmate's Name

They may be right in front of you.

Si vous avez grandi en France, votre mère vous a forcément dit ces phrases

Elles se sont toutes refilé le mot, c'est pas possible autrement.

This Nature Test Will Tell You How To Relax Tonight

Relax and leave the decision making to us!

Dev Patel Has A Girlfriend Now, Everybody

We're very happy for him and not crying hysterically, honestly.

9 Things All Girls Secretly Do On Their Period

Feeling paranoid every time you stand up.

18 eindeutige Beweise, dass es in Wirklichkeit das Beste ist, kleine Brüste zu haben

Weil wir in der Lage sind, was auch immer wir wollen, wann auch immer wir wollen, zu tragen.

15 unbezahlbare Lektionen, die Menschen von ihren eingewanderten Eltern gelernt haben

"Am Ende des Tages sind wir alle Menschen. Wir sind alle Familie."

Only A Genius Can Solve 100% Of These Number-Based Riddles

Best of luck. You really will need it...

Viagogo Customers Say They Were "Tricked" Into Unknowingly Spending Over £1,000 On Tickets

The issue of "unfair" secondary ticketing sales was raised in parliament on Wednesday.

Twitter Will Start Using Algorithms To Crack Down On Abusive Accounts

Don't repeatedly tweet "without solicitation at non-followers" or the machines will get you.

This Startup Wants To Catch Cancer In Its Early Days

Freenome is raising $65 million to develop a test that could detect that you have cancer, even if you don’t know it yet, from a small blood sample.

After She Was Diagnosed With Terminal Breast Cancer, This Woman Decided To Do Her Wedding Photos Solo

"I realized that even though I am alone, I can accomplish so much in life. You don't need to wait for someone to complete you."

Here's The Heartbreaking Note That The Kansas Shooting Victim's Wife Wrote About Her Husband

"I have many unanswered questions ... but the only way I could get those answers now is by coming to you and your new home on the other side. I don’t know when that day will come."

Solo un experto en España podrá sacar un 10 en este examen de cultura pop

¿Cuánta información inútil es capaz de guardar tu cerebro?

How Bitter Are You Actually?

Do you hold on to things for a long, long time?

The New "Beauty And The Beast" Features Disney's First Gay Character

"LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston."

How An Explosive Web Series You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Became The Talk Of Black Twitter

BKChat LDN is the scourge of feminists, has been accused of being anti-intellectual, and can make your blood boil, but everyone’s got something to say about it. And that, says its young creator, is precisely the point.

Sex Education Will Become Compulsory In Secondary Schools, But Parents Can Still Withdraw Their Children

The education secretary said the new rules will be "sensitive to the needs" of local communities and faith schools.

17 Fragen, die ich an Leute habe, die Koriander mögen

Koriandersuppe ist schlichtweg inakzeptabel.

Build Your Ideal Makeup Bag And We'll Tell You What You Secretly Want

Let's be honest, we all desire ALL of the makeup.

18 faszinierende Fakten über '00er-Kultfilme, von denen du vielleicht noch nichts gehört hast

Jetzt will ich einfach nur Clint Eastwood sehen, der Miranda Priestly in "Der Teufel trägt Prada" spielt.

Casey Affleck Breaks His Silence On Sexual Harassment Allegations

"I believe that any kind of mistreatment of anyone for any reason is unacceptable and abhorrent, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace and anywhere else," Affleck told the Boston Globe after his Oscar win.

19 Indian Women Reveal Offensive, Sexist Remarks They've Heard At Work

"How do people take you seriously at work when you wear lipstick and dresses and all? – A bestselling author."

9 kleine Dinge, die Paare in einer langen Beziehung tun

Es sind die kleinen Dinge, die besonders wichtig sind.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

President Donald Trump announced a new office for victims of “immigration crime” and honored the widow of a Navy SEAL in his first big speech. Two women accused of assassinating the North Korean leader’s half-brother were charged with murder. And Uber's CEO said he’s “seeking leadership help” after a video showed him aggressively arguing with a company driver.

23 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Purchased While Drunk

"I bought a year subscription to Plenty of Fish for a fake profile that I made for a dolphin."

Phosphore demande si hommes et femmes doivent «avoir exactement les mêmes droits»

Le magazine pour lycéens pose la question «Hommes et femmes doivent-ils avoir exactement les mêmes droits?» et répond «oui», mais aussi «non», déclenchant la colère sur les réseaux sociaux.

Facebook Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Prevent Suicide

“The AI is actually more accurate than the reports that we get from people,” Facebook Product Manager Vanessa Callison-Burch told BuzzFeed News.

Assistants parlementaires de Fillon: soupçons sur un nouvel emploi fictif

Sur les trois assistants parlementaires que déclarait François Fillon jusqu'en février, Maël Renouard est sans doute le plus discret. Tout comme son travail pour le député de Paris. Après avoir refusé de répondre pendant plusieurs semaines, François Fillon a finalement abordé le sujet sur France Inter le 6 avril.

A Woman Whose Donor Match Was Initially Denied A Visa Has Had The Cancer Treatment She Needed

"This opportunity has given me a second chance at life; enabling me to go back to being a mother to my beautiful daughter," May Brown said. "I will forever be grateful to the great British public for the support."

17 Cheap And Cheerful Just Because Gifts

From me to you, for no reason what-so-ever.

Two Police Officers Who Went To McDonald's Before Responding To A Suicide Call Kept Their Jobs

The two officers, who are based in east London, were given final written warnings over the incident.

Varun Dhawan And Virat Kohli Got The Same Haircut And The Outcome Was Cute As Hell

Come look at these extremely good-looking men showing off their new hairdos.

11 People Who Should Never, Ever, Ever Move To India

And they say our names sound weird.

No, nadie ha quemado el autobús tránsfobo de Hazte Oír

La fotografía compartida a través de redes sociales del autoús de Hazte Oír quemado es falsa.

Here's Everything You Missed On "My Kitchen Rules" This Week

I was so young when this show started. I am now 900 years old.

19 copies d'élèves qui feront pleurer tous les profs

«Les spermatozoïdes ont besoin d'ovules pour se nourrir.» Via

21 secretísimos dispositivos de la era dorada del espionaje

A veces, la realidad supera a la ficción.

La campagne de Macron a laissé des listes d'adresses mails en accès libre

BuzzFeed a pu consulter quelques documents organisant le travail des bénévoles d'En Marche. Parmi eux, un document liste un milliers de mails d'anciens ou actuels adhérents au mouvement. L'accès au document a été restreint après nos entretiens avec la campagne.

15 películas que tienen mensajes un poco chungos

Los padres de Tú a Londres y yo a California son unos monstruos.



Can You Name These Underrated Disney Characters?

Sometimes secondary characters are the ones who steal your heart.

「刻みのりからノロウイルス」の衝撃 製造元が語る汚染の経路


焼プリン、ポッキー、たい焼き… みんなに聞きたい「無意識にやっちゃうこと」


17 Cocktail Bars You Must Visit In Bristol

Getting drunk never looked so classy.



You Can Enter A Competition To Be An Extra In The New "Love Actually" Film

Comic Relief has launched a competition to raise money for Red Nose Day.



16 Batshit Space Conspiracy Theories That Will Freak You The Fuck Out

The truth is out there, and so are dead astronauts and 13,000-year-old satellites.

Two Women Started A Powerful Photo Series To Allow Sikh Women In America To Tell Their Stories

"We wanted to do something that was creative and really showcase the diversity of Kaur and Sikhism in general. The name Kaur is an equaliser, enabling Sikh women to be identify themselves without their fathers or husbands."

27 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Growing Up In Australia

"No hat, no play, no school today." —Old Australian Proverb



16 Things That Will Definitely Happen If You Live With Your Best Friend In College

You're about to get a lot closer than you already were.

How Do You Eat These Classic Aussie Foods?

Everyone thinks their way is the "right" way.

Democrats Call Trump's Immigrant Crime Office "Scary"

During his joint address to Congress, President Trump talked about his directive to the Department of Homeland Security to create an office called VOICE, or Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. "That was to me one of the darker moments of his speech," said Sen. Chris Coons.

Trump Makes Big Promises But Leaves Republicans To Figure Out The Details

GOP members of Congress walked away from President Trump’s first joint address impressed, but are far from settled on how they’ll make his big plans a reality.

Two Women Charged With Murder In Death Of North Korean Leader's Half Brother

The two women, who have been accused of using a nerve agent to kill Kim Jong Nam, have been charged with murder and could face the death penalty.

This Is What It Is Like To Have An Abortion At 22 Weeks For A Wanted Pregnancy

"I feel like we cried for an eternity in that room."

Bomb Threats To Jewish Centers Were Made Using "Spoofing" And Voice-Masking Technology

Investigators believe the perpetrators responsible for the latest wave of bomb threats targeting Jewish centers and schools around the US used sophisticated technology to shield their identity.

This "Riverdale" Fan Theory Is So Insane It Might Actually Work

Could Riverdale become Afterlife With Archie?

Angry Neighbors Protest Outside Snap Offices Ahead Of Highly Anticipated IPO

"We are necessarily concentrating our future growth outside of Venice," Snap said in response.

「自分が異性愛者だと決めたのはいつですか?」 性的少数者が聞かれる質問を授業で投げかけると……




Trump Was Seen Practicing His Speech And People Are Hilariously Captioning Him

"Ow now brown cow ow now brown cow ow now brown..."



Trump Condemned Bomb Threats And The "Shooting In Kansas City" During His Big Speech

“Recent threats targeting Jewish Community Centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week's shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a Nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms," Trump said.

Honey-Glazed Fried Chicken #TastyStory

Gwendolyn teaches her daughter and you her fried chicken recipe.

Here Is The Full Video And Text Of President Trump's First Address To Congress

"The time for small thinking is over. The time for trivial fights is behind us."



Dramatic New Photos Show The Catastrophic Damage At America's Tallest Dam

The spillway at Northern California's Oroville Dam has suffered significant erosion after officials were forced to release torrents of water despite a rapidly growing hole.

If Latino Nicknames Were Said In English

"How are you, my little fat girl???"

堀北真希、乃木坂46橋本奈々未、清水富美加……最近、芸能人の引退多くない? をまとめた


29 Entertainers On The Black History They'd Like To See Onscreen

"I just want to see more of us on screen, because Black History Month is a month, but black people are forever, and they've always been forever." —Kofi Siriboe

Beloved Hippo Called Gustavito Likely Died From Inadequate Care At El Salvador Zoo, Not Brutal Beating

El Salvador's national zoo said a hippopotamus, Gustavito, died after being brutally attacked with sharp metal objects, but now it appears the animal died from poor care.

10 receitas para engolir na hora da ressaca

De "facílimo" a "eu posso tudo", ideias para salvar você NAQUELES dias.

Could You Survive In A Japanese Kitchen?

This one will separate the line cooks from the sous chefs.

Here's All The Drama That Went Down On This Week's "Married At First Sight"

You have your whole seat, but you only need the edge.

17 Little Sexist Moments That Take Place In The Bedroom

You can't say "sexist" without "sex."

4 Black Women Who Broke Barriers

These firsts in history will inspire you!

Stars Gave Us Tips On How To Stay Positive On The Oscar's Red Carpet

Even Oscar-nominated stars have to go through challenging times to achieve success.

Trump Gets Anonymity After Dissing Anonymous Sources

On Friday, Trump said the media "shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name." On Tuesday, he spoke as a "senior administration official" in stories.

People Can't Stop Laughing At This Cringeworthy Ad From The Finance Department

"I'm just heading downstairs for my paleo pear and banana bread."

¿Puedes adivinar si es un gatito o un perrito?

El quiz más de pelos que harás hoy. Literal.

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