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11 People Who Should Never, Ever, Ever Move To India

And they say our names sound weird.

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People abroad have always had a gala time making fun of Indian names...

To the point that one Indian-American had to make an entire app whose only purpose is to check if your child's name will be picked on by English speakers.


Well, double meanings work both ways, and they should know that not all their names would pass the grade here either:

1. John's desi friends would never run out of jokes to bully him.

2. In addition to his driving skills, Niki should thank his stars that he doesn't live on this side of the world.

3. Lisa's ancestors gave her no chance.

4. Poor Ms. Zuckerberg wouldn't last a day in India.

5. Ben has no idea how many times his name is said in the subcontinent every day.

6. This dude's entire life would be people asking him to just stop.

7. Bechari Ellen.

8. Balls to Diane living life in peace if she moved here.

9. Ace footballer and World Cup winner everywhere else, uncle and Rajesh Khanna namesake in India.

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10. Nicholas could save a hundred lives and people would still pull his leg.

11. And then there's this entire family.