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Dev Patel Was The True Winner Of The 2017 Awards Season, Let's Be Honest

Dev Patel for king of the world.

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8. He won numerous awards. Quite rightly so.

Todd Williamson / Getty Images

Here he is accepting Best Supporting Actor for Lion at the AACTA International Awards back in January.


9. And he had the most adorable reaction to winning a BAFTA.


10. He looked shocked, cute, handsome, goofy and ecstatically happy all in one moment.


11. In fact, the awards took place almost exactly ten years to the day since he debuted in his breakout role in Skins. And he had this lovely anecdote to share.


21. People were here for it.

a concept: dev patel as sirius black and andrew garfield as remus lupin

22. Really, really here for it.

dev patel and andrew garfield as boyfriends in a movie rt if u agree


Get you someone who looks at you the way Dev Patel looks at Andrew Garfield.



the Internet has married Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield, and im totes down for it

25. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. Dev brought his mother along to the actual Oscars with him as his date!

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Well she did start the whole thing off with that Skins audition advert.

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