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How Do You Feel About Traveling To The US Now That Trump Is President?

To our readers around the world: we want to know how you feel about visiting the US these days.

With anti-foreigner rhetoric on the rise and stories of detention and deportation at the border, some people are wary about traveling to the US these days.

If you're from outside the US, we want to hear how you feel about visiting the country now that Trump is president.

Maybe you were thinking of coming to the US to spend time with family, take a vacation, study or advance your career.

Maybe you're from one of the seven countries affected by Trump's travel ban.

Maybe you've canceled or postponed a trip to the US because you're worried about how travel regulations might change.

We want to hear how you're feeling about traveling to the US, and if that's changed since the election.

You can submit your story (anonymously if you’d like) in the form below. You can also view the form here, which might be easier on mobile. Feel free to include as few or as many details as you’d like.