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Furry Crocs Are A Thing Now And People Have Some Feelings

But tbh, they look comfortable AF.

Last week, designer Christopher Kane made a bold fashion statement when he sent models down the London Fashion Week runway wearing furry Crocs.

Mike Marsland / Getty Images
Mike Marsland / Getty Images

And then he made it Instagram official:

Yes, Crocs. The comfortable shoes that chefs, nurses, and suburban dads adore.

Getty Images

But these aren't ordinary Crocs, these are lined with ~fur~.

This isn't the first time Kane collaborates with the shoe brand. Last September, his models strutted down the runway wearing stone-embellished Crocs.

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images
Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images

These are available online and in stores, but they will se you back a cool $343.

Some people are not into it.

The fact that furry crocs made it to fashion week is actually disturbing me.

And predicted PETA won't be a fan of this trend either.

A recent London Fashion Week show showed furry Crocs as the latest high-fashion trend... now you can piss off PETA while looking silly.

Others turned it into a political thing.

From the creators of the tacky shoe, @Crocs is proud to present their newest line, the Furry Croc, a lovely homage…

  1. So, would you ever wear furry Crocs?
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So, would you ever wear furry Crocs?
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    NEVER! I am not a monster.
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    No, I don't care if it's trendy.
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    Yes, they look super comfortable!
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    Yes, but only around the house.