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22 Cringe Things '00s British Schoolgirls Were Slightly Obsessed With

You could never carry your backpack on two shoulders.

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2. Only ever wearing your backpack on one shoulder despite the fact that you're still suffering from back pain today.

I bet the first high school kid who slung his backpack on only one shoulder died from being sexed to death

3. And if you had a fancy bag you could no way wear it on your shoulder, it had to be in the crook of your elbow.

I'm on Google maps with my Paul's boutique bag 😂😩

Which was really painful when you were carrying your maths textbook and your gym kit.

4. Straightening your hair every single day, and sometimes after school as well if you were going to be meeting boys.

#tbt to when I forced Miriah to let me straighten her hair. 😈

Frizzy hair was the enemy.


11. Or pulling two strands out the front to look like they would naturally fall there.

When in reality you'd spent ages obsessing about the right amount of hair to have in those strands.


21. DKNY's Be Delicious perfume, it smelled great and looked even better.

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