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23 Pictures Guaranteed To Make “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Fans Laugh

Always keep your spaghetti in a bag.

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1. This recipe for a good night's sleep.

2. This historical image.

3. This suspicious scenario.

4. This newspaper headline.

5. This person who should have kept their spaghetti in a ziplock bag.

well that's the last time I eat spaghetti and drive

6. This genius scheme.

7. This lawyer proudly displaying his hands.

8. This iconic trio.

9. This boat name.

10. This medicine.

11. This reaction to some science news.

12. This Tinder profile.

13. This real life advert for Fight Milk.

14. This meme on anxiety.

15. This movie screenshot.

16. And this video game screenshot.

17. This romantic Valentine's day card.

18. This license plate.

19. This invention.

20. This recognition of true talent.

21. This snail getting salted.

22. This legal paper.

23. And this hospital notice.