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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A cute cape, gel highlighters, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:


2. A shower head for bathing when you're away from an actual bathroom.

It charges via a USB device and you can use any old bucket as a water-holder.

Promising review: "This is really a genius invention! I bought it for my portable camping shower. I also bought a 23 liter (or a little over 6 gallon collapsible bucket) and a solar heating water bag to warm up the water during the day. I filled up the bucket most of the way and it continuously gave me 4 minutes and 22 seconds of water. If you turn it off while you wash your hair and soap up, you could get twice as much time out of it. Or you can just simply place the shower head back into the bucket." —Amazon Customer

Price: $39.99

3. A truly challenging, 1000 piece, pencil-themed jigsaw puzzle that may take you a loooooooooong (long, long) time to finish.

Promising review: "My nana is a 90-year-old avid puzzler! She's been doing puzzles her entire life and she STILL enjoys them so much! I got this one for her as a challenge and she LOVED it! She said it only took her a week to complete, which I find hilarious because it probably would have taken me a lot longer! I definitely recommend for any puzzle connoisseur!" —Lindsay Smith

Price: $17.25


5. A collapsible, inflatable lantern that's powered by the sun.

Promising review: "Best solar lantern out there. Want a light that you can read by that won't go dim within an hour and can last all night? This is such a light, or should I say, lantern. I was very impressed by the amount of light it puts out. It has a bright setting, a not-so-bright setting, and it will flash too. I use it for backpacking and hang it in my tent at night. It compresses very flat for ease of packing and is very light weight. All you need is about an hour of good sun for charging it. You don't need to inflate it to charge it. I have had mine now for about 4 years and it is holding up well." —Ron

Price: $17.95

6. And a collapsible picnic basket.

Promising review: "Design is good: keeps cold things cold, keeps hot things hot. Big enough to hold your standard 'I'm going to a party and need to bring something for my idiot friends to munch on' items." —Mike Gambill

Price: $21.97

7. A gadget that adds tons of little criss-crossing slices to a hot dog before you cook it (in order to up the smokey, grilled flavor).

Promising review: "We love Slotdog! I bought two: one for us and one for our son. He was skeptical, but after we experimented with it, he thought it was fantastic! He got his for his birthday. We love the way it gets the dogs to be crispy all over in less time, plus the flavor is phenomenal. Easy to use and clean." —Tania Hansen

Price: $17.88

8. A lightweight, easy-to-clean cat (or small dog) carrying case.

Promising review: "I love this cat carrier! I bought it to transport my cat to the vet. I usually have the hardest time getting him into a hard shell carrier. With this, I just picked him up and put him in the carrier and zipped it. Super easy. I also like that this carrier folds flat, so that it can be stored in a drawer. My cat is about 15 pounds and he had plenty of room." —Mary

Price: $15.99


9. A fish-shaped device that'll keep your charging cables from becoming a tangled mess.

Promising review: "This cord wrapper helps keep cords neat and our puppy is not interested in chewing them now! Very cute." —M.B.

Price: $13

10. A cozy, blanket-esque hood to cuddle up in on your next lazy Sunday at home.

Promising review: "I don't know what anime this cosplay cloak is from, I just got it because it looked warm and soft and cuddly and cute. I was right! It's so nice!" —Brook

Price: $13.99

12. A scrumptious seasoning salt you'll probably start using on everything you cook.

Promising review: "It really is great on, well.. everything. Brussels sprouts? Yep. Eggs? You betcha. Steaks, green beans, roasts, carrots.. you really can't go wrong. It's like when you try a recipe, and think, 'Huh. Never would have thought to add that, but it's good!', except you can do that without even thinking about it and all it takes is a pinch." —Michelle

Price: $10


14. A color-your-own-wings kit creative children will adore.

Promising review: "Gave this as gift to my niece! She loved it and had a great time creating her wings!" —CEB2014

Price: $19.99

15. A hanging handbag (or scarf or tie or camisole or belt) organizer for your closet.

Promising review: "This little hooky thing is amazing. We have very little storage space in our bedroom and my dresser is pretty small, so I did a bit of Pinteresting and saw this cheap solution for storing camis and tanks." —E. Degroot

Price: $7.92

16. Fashion tape to close up shirt gaps, keep bra straps in place, fix a falling hem, or stop a low-cut shirt from revealing... your nip nips.

Sometimes freeing the nipple simply isn't appropriate.

Promising review: "Used these for a wedding. I looked killer, if I may say so myself. I used a couple to hold my bra against my skin, and then a couple to hold my dress against my bra. They held everything in place great, and didn't irritate my skin!" —Biancat

Price: $12.25


18. An easy-to-assemble shelf that also functions as an end table.

Promising review: "I love it!!! It is sturdy, very easy to put together, and looks fantastic in my craft room. I bought two of them and would buy more if I had the room. Amazing!" —Grammy Hobie

Price: $46.84

19. Bags that allow cheese to breathe (keeping it fresh for a longer period of time).

Promising review: "I love cheese. I mean, I really love cheese... specifically your clothbound cheddars and your Wensleydales. The worst thing is to go to Whole Foods and take your time picking out a $20+ cheese, only to go home and have them harden and deteriorate in texture and taste the very next day because of the Whole Foods butcher paper. Cheese paper works. My Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound Cheddar stays firm and craggly, just like it was meant to." —Tricktricky

Price: $8.99

20. A set of jelly-style highlighters for kids (or adults who enjoy adorable office supplies).

Promising review: "I'm a law student, and I read (and highlight) about 200 pages of reading a week. As such, I've become a bit of a gel highlighter connoisseur: this brand is by far the best. The pens don't drag or leave behind the annoying little crumbles. The colors are great and their little faces are so cute!" —REF

Price: $10.79


21. And a copy of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? to watch before the premiere of FEUD: Bette and Joan.

Promising review: "Great one to watch while you eat your 'din-din!' Bette is THE BOMB, and now on Blu-ray we see every crevice of her powdered-down face. She shrieks with stunning clarity! And poor, poor Joan! My, did she love to play the victim! Fascinating beyond description! I will never grow tired of this film!" —Andre Vellagio

Price: $12.99 (DVD) or $7.05 (Blu-ray)

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