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It's Time To Talk About "One Tree Hill" And The Worst Character On The Show

Ugh he sucks so much.

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He was honestly just the world's biggest fuckboy.

Lucas Scott is the worst fuckboy because he really believes he's in love with a different girl every god damn day

And seemed to always pop up with robotic, meaningless advice for people disguised under the pretense of "caring".

Lucas Scott is actually the worst. All he does on this show is butt into everyone's business with wooden yet idealistic judgement.


Not only that, but he'd dick people around and then be all, "Oh but, like, I don't know where I stand with you."

Meet Lucas Scott. The inventor of saying some deep dramatic ass shit then walking away.


why would anyone like Lucas Scott he's such a brooding cheating little asshole who treats every woman he's with like shit

And sure, we never thought Lindsey and Lucas would last, but to string her along until THE DAMN WEDDING DAY, pretending that he didn't have feelings for someone else?

Karen raised you BETTER than that Lucas, you twat.


He basically just never owned his own shit, and was an expert at throwing a pity party.

Lucas Scott is seriously the worst. Literally never owns up to his BS and always makes himself the victim. Such a weak ass dude.

And then would come out with dribble like this, before ignoring his own goddamn pretentious advice once again to go cheat on some girlfriend or something.

God, he just sucks.

growing up is realizing that lucas scott was a piece of shit who didn't deserve brooke or peyton. i think you're officially an adult then.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.