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California Wants To Shut Down A Christian School Accused Of Punishing Students For Being Gay

River View Christian Academy, the subject of a BuzzFeed News investigation, is accused of withholding medical care from students, restricting their communication with parents, and punishing kids who said they were gay or bisexual.

Tyler Kingkade 5 months ago

A High School Allegedly Banned Students From Covering A Classmate’s Arrest

“I don’t understand why the administration wouldn’t want us to put out something that’s factual,” said Plainfield High School alum Kyra Howard.

Tyler Kingkade 9 months ago

A Man Sent 1,000 Men Expecting Sex And Drugs To His Ex-Boyfriend Using Grindr, A Lawsuit Says

“It was like an episode of Black Mirror,” said Matthew Herrick, whose high-profile lawsuit alleges that Grindr looked the other way while his ex-boyfriend tormented him.

Tyler Kingkade 10 months ago

It Took 20 Years, But The Feds Have Charged A Man In A Child Sex Abuse Case

James E. Jensen, whose alleged abuse of school athletes was detailed in a BuzzFeed News story, also faces separate state charges of possessing child porn.

Tyler Kingkade 10 months ago

The Secret Of Miles City: How A Friend Request Shattered A Small Town’s Innocence

A high school athletic trainer claimed his unorthodox treatments would change players’ lives. Dozens of victims say school officials, including one who’s now a state lawmaker, kept “Doc’s” secrets.

Tyler Kingkade 10 months ago

Lawsuits Say Harvard's Anti-Sexism Policy Discriminates Against Women

A group of fraternities and sororities said the Ivy League school’s policy gives students more freedom to join the Ku Klux Klan than an all-male or all-female social club.

Tyler Kingkade 11 months ago
Amber Jamieson 11 months ago

Betsy DeVos Wants New Regulations That Protect Students Accused Of Sexual Assault And Their Schools

The Education Department will make it harder for schools to be found in violation of Title IX, and require that schools must let accused students cross-examine their accuser through a third party.

Tyler Kingkade 12 months ago

“He Betrayed My Trust": How Students With Special Needs Finally Stopped Their Abusive Teacher

Kids had complained about him for years, according to documents reviewed by BuzzFeed News, but it was a decade before someone finally called police.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

“I Go Here”: These Students Of Color Explained Why Life At Harvard Would Be Worse Without Affirmative Action

Asian American students and alumni shared personal stories to defend Harvard’s use of race in its undergraduate admissions process.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

Harvard Wants To Admit Donors’ Kids, Even If That Makes The School More White

In federal court this week, the top admissions official at Harvard defends the university’s preference for the children of wealthy alumni and donors, as he fought off accusations of bias against Asian Americans.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

Betsy DeVos Wants To Make It Easier For Religious Schools To Avoid Title IX

The proposed rule would prevent people from knowing which religious colleges discriminate against women and LGBT students.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

Women Say A School For Troubled Teens Punished Girls For Being Gay

Former students and employees of the River View Christian Academy told BuzzFeed News that girls were disciplined if they even discussed the idea of being gay. "I didn't come out as queer for 10 years because of it."

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

Most Fraternities Are Banning Hard Alcohol In Response To A Series Of Drinking-Related Deaths

The new policy means that in the vast majority of frat houses, no one will be allowed to pour themselves a glass of tequila, whiskey, or vodka.

Remy Smidt One year ago

Men's Rights Activists Say This College Student Is Why They Need A #MeToo Moment

The unusual prosecution has been praised by men's rights groups, but Nikki Yovino's confession has raised questions about how police treat women who report rape.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

An 18-Year-Old Posted A Rap Online. Then He Was Arrested For Threatening A School Shooting.

Michael Schmitt’s rap song was crude, but was it a crime? "They painted me as a school shooter, and that's terrifying," said the 18-year-old, who’s been on house arrest since March.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

This Teen Said His Teammates Assaulted Him, Then His School Kept Their Punishment Secret

When kids report sexual assault to their schools, they expect to find out what happens to the alleged perpetrator. Instead, they’re getting the silent treatment because of privacy laws.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

A Lawsuit Says This Private Religious High School Protected An Accused Rapist

The lawsuit says Holland Christian High School ignored the 15-year-old girl's needs but made special efforts to help the classmate who pleaded guilty to assaulting her.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

17 Colleges Fell Short On Campus Safety, But The Education Department Didn’t Tell The Schools

The lapse discovered by BuzzFeed News suggests confusion in a department that has come under scrutiny on campus safety issues.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago

What It’s Like For School Shooting Survivors To Watch The Parkland Protests

Not every kid who’s lived through a school shooting has the same cause to advance. For some, this is their chance to march in memory of classmates killed years ago. Others will avoid the protests altogether.

Tyler Kingkade One year ago