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27 Pictures That Will Make You Say "I Feel Personally Attacked"

Too real.

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1. You going to the bathroom:

2. You paying for something:

3. You telling a hilarious joke:

4. You taking a relaxing shower:

5. You trying to get that bug:

6. You telling a story:

7. You taking the groceries in:

8. You relaxing at night:

9. You listening to music:

10. You enjoying a meal:

11. You grocery shopping:

12. You opening your front-facing camera:

13. You not being scared at all:

14. You when you're sick:

15. You making plans:

16. You taking it easy:

17. You on a diet:

18. You casually watching a show:

19. You browsing the internet:

20. You hanging out with friends:

21. You at Starbucks:

22. You going to sleep:

23. You going up the stairs:

24. You planning out your grand vacation:

25. You being responsible:

And you waking up in the morning:

26. You getting it all off your chest:

27. You singing the words:

And you getting great advice:

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