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Johnson & Johnson Is Recalling 33,000 Baby Powder Bottles After A Sample Turned Up Positive For Asbestos

The company is facing a slew of lawsuits from women claiming the talcum products caused them to develop cancer.

Nidhi Subbaraman 4 days ago

Three Scientists Have Won The Nobel Prize In Chemistry For Developing Lithium-Ion Batteries

John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino developed rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology that today powers a variety of modern electronics.

Nidhi Subbaraman 14 days ago

UC Santa Cruz Has Fired A Professor After He Violated The University’s Harassment Policy

Gopal Balakrishnan’s dismissal arrives after a lengthy university investigation and years of student protests.

Nidhi Subbaraman 28 days ago

Conspiracy Theorists Have Chilled Real Fluoride Research, Researchers Say

“It’s like having a scarlet ‘AF’ letter on you,” one researcher who studies fluoride said.

Nidhi Subbaraman One month ago

Farmers Are Losing Everything After “Forever Chemicals” Turned Up In Their Food

“No farmer in his or her right mind would go looking for it, because it would ruin them,” said one farm manager.

Nidhi Subbaraman 3 months ago

FDA’s First Tests For "Forever Chemicals" In Food Found Them In Meat And Chocolate Cake

Researchers said the results are preliminary, but indicate it’s important to track the chemicals in food.

Nidhi Subbaraman 4 months ago

The Trump Administration Announced New Restrictions On Fetal Tissue Research

NIH scientists will stop using fetal tissue, and an ethics board will be formed to approve new grants at external institutions.

Nidhi Subbaraman 4 months ago

157 People Were Killed When An Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashed After Takeoff

The airline said 8 crew members and 149 passengers were on board.

Nidhi Subbaraman 7 months ago

A Former Student Is Suing A UC Santa Cruz Professor For Sexual Assault

In September, the school found that professor Gopal Balakrishnan had violated harassment policies when he had oral sex with an undergraduate while she was drunk.

Nidhi Subbaraman 7 months ago

EPA Delays Decision To Set Drinking Water Limits On Toxic “PFAS” Chemicals

“It’s hard to tell if they’re actually committing to taking certain actions,” said one expert.

Nidhi Subbaraman 8 months ago
Nidhi Subbaraman 8 months ago

A Man Suspected Of Fatally Shooting Five People In Louisiana Was Arrested After A Manhunt

Authorities announced there was a search for Dakota Theriot, 21, a day earlier.

Nidhi Subbaraman 8 months ago

Two Moms Are Suing The Federal Government For Not Banning The Chemical That Killed Their Sons

“Had this been banned when it should have been banned, my son would still be here,” Lauren Atkins told BuzzFeed News.

Nidhi Subbaraman 9 months ago

These Five Brands Of Dental Floss May Expose People To Harmful Chemicals, Study Finds

PFAS “forever chemicals” are found in many consumer products, including nonstick cookware, carpets, and easy-glide floss.

Nidhi Subbaraman 9 months ago

The Feds’ New Plan To Protect Kids From Toxic Lead Is Toothless, Environmental Groups Say

Critics of the report say it lacks deadlines for agencies to take action.

Nidhi Subbaraman 10 months ago

Dow’s Own Data Showed That A Pesticide Hurt Rats. But The Company Didn’t Tell Regulators.

“It’s really a rare case that researchers get their hands on this raw data and these reports,” one expert said.

Nidhi Subbaraman 10 months ago

HIV Researchers Slam The Scientist Who Made Genetically Engineered Babies

“I’m angry on behalf of the genetic engineering community. I’m angry on behalf of the HIV community,” one expert said.

Nidhi Subbaraman 11 months ago

Lucy McBath Ran For Congress After Her Son's Murder And Won

McBath defeated Republican Karen Handel in Georgia's 6th District.

Nidhi Subbaraman 11 months ago

Long Lines At The Polls Could Be One More Thing That Makes It Harder For Minorities To Vote

This could mean a great turnout — but it also could prevent some people from casting their ballot.

Nidhi Subbaraman 11 months ago