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    19 Times Glasgow Uni Students Went Way, Way Too Far

    Guys, you really need to stop shagging in the library.

    1. When strawpedoing qualified as a legitimate sport.

    Twitter: @Somewhataldente

    "And the gold medal in the 'Ladies' Strawpedo' event goes to...Linda Murray!"

    2. When these playas sucked face in the library.

    Facebook: pg

    Maybe they were revising for their

    *puts on sunglasses*


    3. When someone else came out with this fuck-awful geology-themed chat up line.

    Facebook: pg


    4. And when another couple took things even further.

    Facebook: pg

    Or maybe it was just one person having a really big poo.

    5. When this total bantersaurus rex word-vomited all over the 2016 Freshers' page.

    *Cringes forever*

    6. When there was a serious glitch in the Matrix.

    Facebook: SpottedGlasgowUniLibrary

    *Rubs eyes* But...why?

    7. When someone set up a hummus society...

    Twitter: @livz__

    Of course they bloody well did.

    8. ...and a Llama fan club.

    Twitter: @emmanic_

    Maybe they could combine the two and feed hummus to alpacas?

    9. When a library desk hog got a bit peckish.

    Facebook: pg

    "Yeah just bring it up to level 11, cheers. And don't forget the prawn crackers."

    10. When this archaeology student thought that this would be a fascinating seminar topic.

    Twitter: @urbanprehisto

    Just how precarious is their conviviality? I NEED TO KNOW, MICHAEL.

    11. When these festive boozehounds jazzed up their flat.

    Twitter: @pomplit

    They've got a bright career ahead of them in the beverage stacking industry.

    12. And when this bored student just couldn't wait to get stuck into his Dark Fruits.

    Twitter: @seandevine1

    He was probably in a seminar about the precarious conviviality of watermills.

    13. When Kez got trapped in a closet.

    Twitter: @bethanduncalf

    It's OK, she escaped shortly afterwards and is almost definitely not dead.

    14. When these guys decided to have a cheeky Fifa tournament in one of the library pods.

    Facebook: SpottedGlasgowUniLibrary

    It's OK guys, no one needs them to like, study or anything.

    15. And when these total lads got naked on the 4th floor of the library. LOL! What japes!

    Facebook: SpottedGlasgowUniLibrary

    One's got his socks on. Such a lack of commitment.

    16. When this English student was patronising AF.

    Flickr: 22871559@N03 / Creative Commons / Facebook: / BuzzFeed

    *Clenches fists*

    17. When a hungry student nicked a Kit-Kat.

    18. When this frugal student decided to sleep in a lift.

    Facebook: Humans

    Saves on rent, I suppose.

    19. And, of course, when this happened.

    Twitter: @JoeDevine96

    Tightrope? Check. Small orchestra? Check. Someone dicking around with a unicycle in the background? Check. Oh, Glasgow uni, you're such a special place.

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