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Oprah Had An Aha! Moment And Is Rethinking Running For President

Currently jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on Oprah.

OPRAH. You know her. You love her.

She gives out cars and money and makes people's dreams come true. She's just great.

And because she's so great, people have asked her to run for president for years. But she's always said no.

Just last month, Newsday asked if she would consider running. "Nope," she said. "Not my thing, not my thing."

But in an interview Wednesday with Bloomberg Television, she was asked again.

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At first, she said it's never been an option.

BUT — and this is a big BUT — now she's rethinking things.

Let that sink in. OPRAH IS (thinking of) RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

Either way, let's just remember Oprah's approach to trying new things: