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19 Things You'll Know If You're 50% Picky Eater And 50% Adventurous Eater

What can you say, you know what you like!

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1. Even though you're considered a picky eater, there are loads of foods you like.

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2. In fact, some of your favourite foods are ones you tried outside of your comfort zone.

3. But you're always torn between taking a gamble or sticking with a tried and tested favourite.


4. You'll only like some foods when they're made in a specific way.

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6. Which means your loved ones get confused as to what it is you do and don't eat.


To be honest, you're not 100% sure yourself sometimes.

7. You're an expert at picking out stuff you don't like from your food.

8. But you could never be a truly picky eater, as eating the same foods on rotation gets boring for you.

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9. You don't tend to be fussy about which restaurants you go to, and you have lots of favourites.

10. But you always like to thoroughly research the place online to decide what you'll eat beforehand.

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11. And even if there are lots of menu options that appeal to you, you probably have to make a lot of requests when ordering it.

12. So going to someone's house, where you have less control over the whole food situation, is pretty stressful.

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13. When faced with food you can't stand but have to be polite, you do your best to salvage it and eat around the worst bits.

14. Finding a ready-made sandwich you like is basically impossible.

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15. And you find it downright upsetting when you get food but the sauce is on it rather than to the side.

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16. So overall you tend to prefer making things at home where you're more in control of the ingredients.

17. People sometimes assume that you must like bland food, but you like your meals flavourful.

18. It's just that certain foods and textures bother you, and no matter how much you try them you won't change your mind.

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19. So while you can be picky, you like enough ~adventurous~ foods to know you're not super fussy.