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Marine Le Pen's Party Is Running Dozens Of Candidates Who Post Hateful Messages Online

A BuzzFeed News investigation found that nearly 100 National Front candidates running in France's legislative elections on Sunday have posted, liked or shared anti-LGBT, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, or racist content on social media platforms.

David Perrotin • One year ago

France's National Front Suspended A Candidate After BuzzFeed News Reported Her Hate Speech

France’s National Front suspended Catherine Blein, a candidate in the regional elections in Brittany, after BuzzFeed News reported on her hateful posts and racist statements online.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

The New Leader Of France's National Front Steps Down Amid Accusations Of Holocaust Denial

Jean-François Jalkh, Marine Le Pen's second-in-command, had questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers in an interview for a researcher's dissertation.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

This Black Politician Wants To Make Sure France's "Forgotten" People Aren't Left Behind

Rama Yade talks politics as the French election heats up: "There is a will to start it all over, to demolish everything, to tip everything over."

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

French Presidential Candidate François Fillon's Corruption Scandal Just Got Worse

Fillon is already under investigation for payments made to his wife. Now BuzzFeed News reveals that one of his most recent listed parliamentary assistants may have been paid for doing nothing.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

This Is What It Was Like To Hang Out For A Night With The French Far-Right

BuzzFeed News spent "Patriots Night" at a nationalist bar in Lyon, held alongside the far-right National Front party's convention, where a few party luminaries made an appearance.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

This Is What It Was Like At The Campaign Kickoff For France's Extreme Right

Trump fan Marine Le Pen's rally featured anti-immigrant chants, campaign merchandise made in China, and a bunch of photos of Le Pen with horses.

David Perrotin • 2 years ago

French Presidential Candidate François Fillon Is Now In Even More Trouble

BuzzFeed France reveals that one of Fillon's staffers in parliament has been working for his campaign, which violates French election rules.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

One Of France's Top Universities Is Canceling Anti-Putin Speakers

"It is the direction that the Center for International Research has been taking lately," an employee at the Paris School of International Affairs told BuzzFeed France.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

French Nuclear Plant Technician Continued Working While Under Investigation For Terrorism

Rida E. was put under investigation for suspected ties to terrorist groups in Syria, but that didn't prevent him from working for several months at a nuclear power plant.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago
Paul Aveline • 2 years ago

Every Political Party In France Is Using Trump As An Example To Their Followers

As France gears up for its own presidential race in 2017, everyone is holding Trump's win up as a rallying cry.

Paul Aveline • 2 years ago