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A Measles Case Has Hit Google's Silicon Valley Headquarters

In the midst of a historic US measles outbreak, at least one Google employee walking around the tech giant’s main Silicon Valley campus has been diagnosed.

Stephanie M. Lee • 4 hours ago

The New Acting Chief Of The FDA Is A Cancer Scientist

Norman "Ned" Sharpless has publicly supported the agency's policies to curb the use of e-cigarettes.

Stephanie M. Lee • One month ago

The Company Accused Of Blinding Dozens Will Be Allowed To Stay Open, Judge Rules

Guardian Pharmacy Services in Dallas can continue to operate under certain conditions. Lawyers representing the blinded patients say the punishment is too light.

Stephanie M. Lee • One month ago

FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Has Resigned

The FDA commissioner, who took stands against teen vaping and online opioid sales, said he wants to spend more time with his family.

Dan Vergano • One month ago

These Men Want The Scientific Community To Acknowledge That A Famous Researcher Sexually Abused Them

Dozens of men remember a Rockefeller researcher, now dead, sexually abusing them decades ago. After inquiries from BuzzFeed News, the editors of two journals have decided to acknowledge the allegations in the scientific record.

Stephanie M. Lee • 2 months ago

Aeromexico’s “Mexican DNA” Discounts Ad Gets DNA Testing Wrong

“There’s no such thing as United States DNA, so why would there be Mexican DNA? It doesn’t make any sense,” a genetic genealogist said.

Stephanie M. Lee • 2 months ago

A Viral Study About Fake News Was Just Retracted

The 2017 study was covered by dozens of news outlets, including BuzzFeed News.

Stephanie M. Lee • 3 months ago

Here’s How A Colorado Dentist Became Big Sugar’s Worst Nightmare

For decades, companies worked to cast doubt on whether sugar harms — until Cristin Kearns started digging up the dirt.

Stephanie M. Lee • 3 months ago

This Giant Avocado Has Sparked A Lawsuit Over Who Gets To Sell It

The avocado boom has birthed a fight over who gets to make money off the patented giant “Carla.”

Stephanie M. Lee • 4 months ago

Just Before Thanksgiving, A Turkey Supplier Is Recalling 91,000 Pounds Of Raw Meat Because Of Salmonella Fears

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, the feds still don’t know the original source of the salmonella outbreak that has sickened 164 people and killed one.

Stephanie M. Lee • 5 months ago

Turns Out Cornell’s Brian Wansink Investigation Is Still Very Much Going

Cornell is looking at whether its star professor’s misconduct affected research funded by the federal government.

Stephanie M. Lee • 5 months ago

Cornell Should Reveal What It Found Out About Disgraced Food Scientist Brian Wansink, Dozens Of Scientists Say

“The practice of science requires the highest levels of transparency,” researchers said in an open letter to Cornell.

Stephanie M. Lee • 5 months ago

Cancer Hospital Ads Deceive Patients About Their Chances Of Survival, New Report Finds

"It's providing them with a hope that they may have thought didn't exist for their cancer," says the executive director of

Stephanie M. Lee • 5 months ago

The FDA Doesn’t Know What To Do About Scientists Who Are Sexual Harassers

Anti–Big Tobacco crusader Stanton Glantz settled a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former researcher. Then his center won a $20 million research grant.

Stephanie M. Lee • 6 months ago

At Least 68 People Are Nearly Blind After A Botched Drug Was Injected Into Their Eyeballs

Their tragedies expose a shadowy US industry that sells drugs with little government oversight.

Stephanie M. Lee • 6 months ago
Stephanie M. Lee • 6 months ago

Cornell University Food Scientist Brian Wansink Just Had Six More Studies Retracted

Wansink, who is still teaching at Cornell, has now retracted 13 papers in total.

Stephanie M. Lee • 7 months ago

A Prison Study Aims To End The “Salt Wars.” It Turns Out The Salt Industry Wants To Help Fund It.

A proposed health study of low-salt diets on prisoners has undisclosed salt industry funding.

Stephanie M. Lee • 7 months ago

Does Google Actually Make Us Dumber? That Study — And Many Others — Were Just Called Into Question.

“Our study in hindsight was outright silly,” one scientist said.

Stephanie M. Lee • 7 months ago

Transgender Athletes Can Now Compete In The CrossFit Games

“CrossFit admitted they’re wrong and is making it right,” trans athlete Chloie Jönsson told BuzzFeed News.

Stephanie M. Lee • 8 months ago