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    17 Little Sexist Moments That Take Place In The Bedroom

    You can't say "sexist" without "sex."

    1. When he starts to go in with little regard for whether you're actually ready for him.

    2. And never once asking what YOU like.

    3. Or when he gets all weird when you ask him to wear protection.

    4. When he still tries that old line about condoms killing the mood so you'll give up on using protection.

    5. Or that infamous negotiation over going without protection for "just for a sec or two."

    6. When he comments on how long it's taking you to finish.

    7. And when he knows that you don't like something, but you still have to put up with hearing, "Come on, do it for me."

    8. And when you say NO, he makes that face like "Oh, it's like that, huh?"...insinuating that he's gonna have to find someone else.

    9. He thinks it's his right to complain if you're not perfectly smooth down there.

    10. And for some reason, he always gets to decide the position.

    11. He's also the one who gets to decide if you go fast or you go slow that night.


    13. And then afterwards, he basically refuses to kiss you.

    14. He just loves sexual fantasies, but only when they involve you doing something for him.

    15. And avoiding an unwanted pregnancy is just YOUR problem, right? Of course.

    16. And then aside from not offering to help, or even asking if you're okay, when something goes wrong, it's your responsibility to deal with it and take a morning-after pill.

    17. And then when it's all over and he finishes, he just rolls over and falls asleep, or his mood changes entirely.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.