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    19 Of The Best Places To Buy Sex Toys Online

    Sex positivity, let's get it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Thirsty for some new sex toys? These online sex shops have great selections, so you're sure to find the sex toy that works best for you and your budget. From vibrators to dildos and so much more, these adult shops have everything you could want to spice up your sex life.

    1. Lovehoney is here to make you say "Wow" while you're scrolling through its endless selection for the perfect rabbit vibe, and double and triple "Woooow" when you're going for the big O.


    Lovehoney carries great toys for beginners, which you can check out here.

    Why it's great: Lovehoney is truly one of the best sites for sex toys. The reviewers are often frequent customers and can add things like their relationship status, age, and sexuality to their profile. There are also explainer videos for almost all of the toys! This builds a sense of community within the site itself. Lovehoney boasts tons of selections, discreet packaging, and free shipping on orders over $60!

    Promising review for the rabbit vibe: "Why didn’t I buy this five years ago? Hands down the best affordable toy! I use this thing more than Starbucks uses their espresso machines. Both my girlfriend and I are lucky to last more than two minutes. The battery lasted way longer than I anticipated! It's rechargeable and you only need to charge it once a week. Buy. It. Now. If you can go back in time and buy it yesterday, do that." —Rroxy

    Stuff you'll love: The bestselling rechargeable rabbit vibe for $99.99 (available in three colors) and the pump for $32.99.

    2. Maude serves ~minimalist vibes~ that just may turn you on before you even turn this one on, based on how pretty these waterproof, rechargeable vibrators look.

    the elongated oval vibrator on a countertop

    Why it's great: Maude is known for its beautiful, minimalist products, and this vibrator is no different. The sleek, quiet, wireless design (runs 2.5 hours after charging with USB) is perfect for beginners and for vibe experts who are looking to try something new. The site offers free shipping, and the vibrator is waterproof!

    Promising review for the vibe: "So I had been looking at this thing for months. It is amazing! It’s everything you want. You can use it for internal and external stimulation. Put it on your arm! Put it on your thighs! It feels amazing. It's strong and the battery lasts plenty long to get two people’s worth of use. Just get it!" —Very H.

    Learn more about why this minimalist sex toy brand will make over your nightstand.

    Stuff you'll love: The powerful vibrator for $45 (available in four colors), organic lubricant for $25, and silicone lubricant for $25 (do not use with silicone toys).

    3. Rodeoh will give you the comfy, sturdy harness you've been looking for to make all your queer strap-on dreams come true — plus, they have an amazing selection of pride-themed sex toys., Rodeoh

    Why it's great: Rodeoh is a queer-friendly and trans-friendly brand that specializes in comfortable, gender-neutral, secure harnesses in many styles, including boxer harnesses and brief harnesses. Rodeoh carries plus sizes, and most of its dildos are harness-friendly, too, so you can get it on with toys that seriously cater to your sex life. They also have a large selection of vibrators and use premium-quality silicone.

    Stuff you'll love: A black biker boxer harness for $41.99 (originally $54.99; sizes XS–XL), and the trans pride dildo for $39.99.

    4. Unbound is a gem of a store that makes unique, body-safe toys that'll help you bend it like Beckham to hit the clit and G-spot at the same time., Unbound

    Why it's great: Unbound is here to bring you body-safe vibrators and sex toys, and they are all reasonably priced! You can even choose to pay for your new toy in interest-free installments. All of its products are cute in design, and they are powerful enough to get the job done. Perhaps Unbound's most impressive toy is the Bender, which has a super-flexible body to internally and externally stimulate. It is multispeed and waterproof and charges via magnetic USB.

    Promising review for the Bender: "I’m totally an external stimulation type of girl 😳, and the numerous vibration settings provide great stimulation to the clit. Strong, fast, slow, or soft, there’s a rhythm to suit your own tastes! The soft medical-grade silicone is kind to your skin! The flexible structure allows for easy insertion, and you can bend it to facilitate ultimate G-spot arousal 😩💦." —M.M.

    Stuff you'll love: The super-flexible Bender for $71, and a bestselling Puff suction toy for $48. Speaking of, check out a list of great clit-sucking toys here.

    5. Lelo adds chicness and style to the sex toy world, and it offers a remote-controlled dual-stimulating vibe (the Tiani) just waiting to get in your nightstand.

    the Tiani 2 vibrator and remote

    Why it's great: Lelo makes high-quality, uniquely designed toys that'll keep you on your toes. Plus, it offers free shipping on orders over $50!

    Promising review for the Tiani: "Tiani is my first remote-controlled toy, and I am so amazed by how excellent it is. I love being able to stimulate my wife while being across the room from her. The signal is strong and doesn’t weaken when you're far apart. Both parts are made of silicone and extremely easy to clean as well. Really a perfect couples toy if you are looking to inject a bit of excitement into your relationship." —Jon

    Stuff you'll love: The Tiani 2 — aka the remote-controlled, wireless, waterproof vibrator designed to stimulate you or you and a partner to heaven and back again — for $149 (available in three colors).

    6. Arguably, Etsy is hands down the best place to get your hands on some sex toys that'll make your freak flag fly sky-high. It has customizable dildos in every shape and size, faux-tail butt plugs, and tons of other shops with handmade toys.


    Why it's great: Etsy is home to all things handmade, and the sex toys are no different. If you want a particular type of toy you can't find anywhere else, or you're in need of a wild, custom-made toy, Etsy is the place to find it!

    Promising review for the licker: "I had mine custom-made, and I must say, it is beautifully made! Wonderful craftsmanship, great painting and sculpture! The description and the product that I received matched perfectly. I love that it came with a little silk bag. Thank you once again for the great product and awesome customer service! :D." —Avaquet

    Stuff you'll love: The licker from The Crafty Hedonist on Etsy for $95 (available in 14+ colors) and the faux-tail plug from Vuzara on Etsy for $39.99+ (available in multiple sizes and styles).

    7. Adam & Eve is a tried-and-true adult toy wonderland that should be at the top of your list; it stocks everything from Fleshlights to dual-penetration sleeves to anal beads.

    Adam & Eve

    Why it's great: Adam & Eve is an online adult superstore that has everything from lube to bondage, and of course nearly every sex toy you could imagine! You get free shipping on orders $59 or more, and a free gift when you spend at least $17.

    Promising review for the Fleshlight: "This product is amazing. This thing feels so good; I love all the textures inside. The first time I used it, I came immediately because it felt so incredible. The next time I was able to hold off and last longer, and it was an awesome experience. This is a great toy for edging yourself to your favorite porn, and in the end, you'll have an amazing orgasm. I cannot recommend this thing enough." —D

    Stuff you'll love: The Fleshlight for $59.95, an accommodator dual penetrator (that slips over the shaft) for $24.95, and a set of anal beads for $8.95.

    8. Walmart can be a nonoverwhelming option if you're looking for your very first sex toy. It has lots of vibrators and two-day shipping!


    Why it's great: Sure, Walmart is not the sexiest place to shop, but if you're a newbie and are completely overwhelmed by the wide web of sex toys, Walmart has a large selection of well-made, affordable toys by brands you can trust.

    Promising review for the plusOne vibe: "I found myself 1,000% satisfied with my plusOne Personal Massager. It charges very fast and easy. You could even take it on the go with you. I love how quiet it is. My absolute favorite thing is the different settings. You can find your favorite or play around and find the pattern you like." —TMills9

    Stuff you'll love: The plusOne vibrator for $21.40 and the Butterfly Kiss vibe for $18.99.

    9. Spencer's hasn't changed much since you last visited a mall, but now you've evolved enough to see the beauty in adding this glass icicle dildo to your cart from the comfort of home.

    a glass dildo with a blue swirl sculpted into the toy

    Why it's great: You can buy one of the best dildos ever made online (and get another half off!), and Spencer's products have lots of reviews from excited customers so you can gauge which toys are right for you.

    Promising review for the glass dildo: "I've bought a few dildos before, but I've been eyeing this one for months; intrigued by the glass. Just bought it today and in minutes had my first-ever penetration-only orgasm. Don't know what exactly it was about this dildo in particular, but I definitely recommend it!" —Glass

    Stuff you'll love: The 7-inch glass dildo for $26.99 and an antibacterial toy cleaner for $4.99.

    10. Babeland gives back to the community, gives buyers a huge selection of sex toys, and gives you and your booty the P-spot–induced orgasm you've been waiting for 🍑.


    Why it's great: Babeland started as a store that opened in response to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle and is now a thriving online community and store with high-quality toys that cater to all adults. It often supports nonprofits through fundraising partnerships and aims to change the world one orgasm at a time. It offers free shipping on orders over $69.

    Stuff you'll love: The Aneros MGX Trident P-spot stimulator with a ribbed stem and angled head (for beginners and the experienced) for $59.99, and a rechargeable, waterproof finger vibe for $69.99.

    11. Emojibator makes a bunch of super-cute emoji-themed vibrators you'll love to try out or gift to your S.O.

    a model holding the banana vibrator in their hand

    We've got you covered with more budget-friendly sex toys (under $50, to be exact).

    Why it's great: Aside from being *cheeky*, Emojibator's vibrators are budget-friendly, waterproof, and made from body-safe silicone; they also have 10 settings. Plus, all of them will hit the spot with a healthy serving of *vitamin D.*

    Stuff you'll love: A chili pepper emojibator for $34, and a banana emojibator for $34.

    12. Dame creates modern vibrators that will make achieving your peak more fun and hassle-free. They also specialize in water-proof toys — do with that what you will.


    Why it's great: Dame offers a host of sex toys that feel modern and fun yet serious enough to get the job done. Shipping is always discreet and the products are very colorful and will definitely catch your eye.

    Promising review for the Arc vibrator: "I love this. I don’t know how it’s not taken over the world already! I bought it to explore how I can have a vaginal/g-spot orgasm, but boy, Arc easily tops my collection for clitoral stimulation too. The head is designed perfectly, the overall shape is super comfortable for the hand, whether you’re using the Arc inside or outside. The color is lovely. I got the blue one and even keep it in its original packaging, it looks so good." —Filip K.

    Stuff you'll love: The Arc for $115 (available in two colors) and the Pom $95 (available in two colors).

    13. Crave provides a minimalistic approach to the average vibrator — you can actually wear this option around your neck as a necklace when not in use. *wink wink*

    Silver, rose gold, and gold vibrators hanging from necklaces

    Why it's great: Crave creates vibrators and other sex toys that are elegant and double as other objects — i.e. necklaces, or a bullet disguised as a tube of lipstick.

    Promising review for the Vesper: "This is THE quietest clitoral vibrator that I have ever owned. The power is plenty on low for me but offers medium, high, and pulse with a very powerful vibration. I had been looking for a new vibrator for a year, and I am happy the Crave Vesper was my choice! I bought this in rose gold and did not have it engraved. It is worth every penny. I am a little sad I didn’t buy it sooner, but I have one NOW!" —Lesley R.

    Stuff you'll love: The Vesper for $69 (available in three colors).

    14. We-Vibe offers a wide selection of sleek solo and partner toys you won't be able to put down, including the adjustable We Vibe sync; which was named the best couple's toy of the year by the XBiz Awards.

    the We-Vibe sync toy on a countertop

    Why it's great: We-Vibe will make any sex life more exciting, whether you're waiting for your roommate to go to work to break out their app-controlled dual stimulator toy, or looking for something to spice up your sex life. The We Vibe sync features two adjustable points to better target the G-spot and clitoris with more or less pressure, and is designed to stay in place during penetration, so you can both enjoy *the vibez.*

    Stuff you'll love: The We-Vibe sync for $149 (originally $199; available in two colors).

    15. My Pleasure definitely has a reasonably priced sex toy for everyone: Whether you're in need of an inflatable suction-cup dildo or a vibrating sleeve, you'll find plenty of toys for your budget.

    My Pleasure

    Why it's great: My Pleasure offers a wide array of reasonably priced adult toys, and all of its products are selected by experts. The shipping is discreet, and it approaches marketing for adult toys through sex education.

    Stuff you'll love: The XL inflatable dildo for $41.74 and the vibrating sleeve for $9.35.

    16. Good Vibrations is the place you need if you're interested in body-safe toys and coming so many times you just might single-handedly close the orgasm gap. It's a bit on the pricey side, but the toys are top-quality.

    a purple and turquoise colored dildo with a small vibrator next to them
    Good Vibrations / Via|responsive_best_selling_vibrators_gv|responsive_best_selling_vibrator_gv|4|c|0|2|content_page|

    Why it's great: Good Vibrations pays special attention to higher-quality sex toys in an effort to make sure what you're using in the bedroom is body-safe. It offers free shipping on orders over $69 and has information on sex education and sex-positive events in addition to a plethora of toys.

    Promising review for the silicone G-spot stimulator: "I recently had sex reassignment surgery, and I wanted a dildo to try out with my new equipment. My vagina doesn't stretch as much as a ciswoman's does, so that limits my options. Poking around this website, I came across this dildo, which looked like it would fit the bill. This toy fits great in my vagina. I love the sensations of the vibration in my vagina. I can't do any hard thrusting yet, so I just go in and out gently and enjoy the vibrations. I combine this with my bamboo vibrator and I have the best orgasms I have ever had. I love the fact that it's not realistic and comes in purple. I am a lesbian, and realistic dildos are a turnoff. I also really like that this toy is harness-compatible and anal-safe. It's nice to have those other options should I choose to take advantage of them in the future. All in all, I am very happy with this dildo. This was an excellent choice for my first dildo for my new vagina. If you are a post-op trans woman, I can't recommend this toy enough." —Purple Woman

    Stuff you'll love: The gentle vibrating silicone dildo for $64.99 (bullet vibe included) and a velvety-soft Tiger G5 vibe with raised ridges for $144.99 (available in three colors).

    17. Ella Paradis is for you if you're looking for a truly wide range of toys and gadgets, from long-distance toys to BDSM gear to full-blown sex machines (!), great for sex toy noobs and pros alike.

    Ella Paradis

    Why it's great: Ella Paradis has a warehouse-like feel, with products ranging from brand-name bestsellers to niche kink gear. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $29.99 and a 100% price match guarantee, so you can be sure you're getting the most competitive price possible.

    Promising review for the Better Love Bunny Vibe: "I got this the same day I am writing this, it’s amazing. I plugged it in for a bit and was nervous it was broken, because the seal on this bad boy is LEGIT. Nothing is going to get in without a lot of work. I charged it for about an hour but I was already finished in about a minute. I have never reached peak before so quickly in my life and with ZERO warm up. I didn’t have to stretch myself out for it to fit, it never went too deep, and being that I’m gay, I love the fact that it doesn’t look like a penis. This toy feels like it was MADE for my body and I’m in love with it. No discomfort whatsoever, silk soft, lightweight, and small and light enough to stash in a drawer without issue. Amazing." —Mickey

    Stuff you'll love: The G-spot bunny vibrator for $27.99 and the twist nipple suckers for $29.39.

    18. Zalo makes luxurious, high-end sex toys for the collection of your dreams, with a multitude of collections that will make you squeal (because of how gorgeous they are and also for other reasons).


    Why it's great: It's on the bougie end of things, but you're paying more for the luxurious design, and many of their products have multiple uses, like this combination rose vibrator and thruster toy, and this G-spot vibrator with a suction sleeve. It's like having two toys in one!

    Promising review for the Courage Pre-Heating G-spot Massager: "I've started this whirlwind romance with someone new, and we wound up at the nicest sex shop in our area, looking for some fun things. I was slightly intimidated because it was our first time getting a toy together, and he was spending a good chunk of change on me...But that immediately went out the window about 30 minutes after we got to his place. I typically don't come easily with only penetration. It takes some work and did. His sheets were soaked in about six minutes. I'm just really impressed with this toy. I've had some good ones in the past but this is a new favorite. It looks amazing, the package is too pretty to throw away, and best of'll DEFINITELY be needing a change of bedsheets...just after your legs stop shaking ;)" —Robyn

    Stuff you'll love: The rose ball gag for $65 and the heating G-spot massager for $86 (available in two colors).

    19. And last but not least, Spectrum Boutique is an LGBTQ-friendly, sex-positive toy store that truly has a toy for everyone.

    two dildos and a vibrator on a table with glassware
    Spectrum Boutique

    Why it's great: Spectrum Boutique has a wide selection of toys, an easy-to-navigate site, books, and queer- and trans-friendly toys so you can *stay on top* of the ever-evolving world of sex toys!

    Stuff you'll love: a no-frills silicone dildo for $64 (5 inches, harness-compatible, seven colors), a stroker for $14 (available in two colors), and a vibrating silicone cock ring for $16 (available in two colors).

    Ordering sex toys like:

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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