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October 1, 2015

Advisers and donors are making a similar case: Rand's campaign is lean — unlike Scott Walker's — and can be run on a very small amount of money. Still: He's spending more than he's taking in.

Jacina Carla Scamahorn, who suffered broken bones in her face from the January assault, told BuzzFeed News she was not upset with prosecutors' decision to drop charges. “They explained what it would have entailed. I would have been dragged through the mud," she said.

No offense to candy corn lovers, but trick-or-treating was all about getting chocolate!!!

The ACLU filed a lawsuit Thursday against Trinity Health Corporation, which operates nearly 80 hospitals nationwide. The case is only the most recent of many controversies involving Catholic hospitals, which refuse abortions under all circumstances.

♪♫ Frío estoy, frío estoy. Qué frío haceeeee hooooooy. ♫ ♪

I triangle you so hard.

Después de todo, la buena música no conoce fronteras.

Are YOU the one?

President Obama pointed to deadly incident at a community college in Oregon as evidence that stricter gun laws are the only way to stop a series of mass shootings.

Maravilhoso para abrir o olhar, horrĂ­vel para conseguir tirar.

Investigators in Southern California on Tuesday said they arrested Alvaro Perez, 24, who is suspected of breaking a window to start a fire at a Planned Parenthood facility last year.

No todo tiene lĂłgica, hay cierta magia que es difĂ­cil de explicar.

¿Quién necesita "rocktubre" cuando existe Netflix?

“My kid’s favorite thing to eat is gonna be vegetables.”

Revealed by the heroes themselves.

Heels are great...but maybe not when you're on your way to a medical emergency.

So easy, so simple, so tacolicious!

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

It's just *ahhh* a little crush.

We put the stars of Addicted to Fresno to the test!

So, like, does this mean that "nursing corsets" were a thing?

Fab or drab?

I'm the CEO of Snoop Dogg, says Snoop Dogg.

Fab or drab?

"Are You Getting Sick?"

Es como regresar en el tiempo y ver a la cantante en Brain Zapped.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Dykstra was photographed drinking with several underage girls at a nightclub in his riding.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Who will take you to the top?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Only one sign gets to be pepperoni...

DespĂ­dete del caos para siempre.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

'Tis the season for Trick or Treatin'!

Fab or drab?

Tijeras: tu mejor amiga o tu peor enemiga.

It's not like a regular seltzer. It's a cool seltzer.

Si sólo ves las películas, te estás perdiendo la mitad de la diversión.

Pense bem no que suas "patas" estĂŁo fazendo.

"It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video."

So much JLaw goodness.

Agora em definitivo: o DeLorean Ă© esperado ainda para este mĂŞs.

Seu kit de ferramentas Super VocĂŞ Ă© a chave para a saĂşde emocional e fĂ­sica. Experimente!

Not really lovin' it, but trying.

"Many students find it incredibly offensive that their outfits are being held at a higher importance than their education."

"It's my birthday and I'll stitch if I want to."

AquĂ­ te mostramos cĂłmo hacerlo.

A soundtrack for your worst behavior.

Mom: I'll be in the store for a few minutes. Me: *dies*

No, no tienes que vivir a gelatina. Tienes opciones.

Israeli medics confirmed that a mother and father were killed in a shooting Thursday night near the West Bank city of Nablus.

Who run the world? Girls!


It's Norman Bates meets the Ten Commandments meets creepy images that will definitely keep you up at night.

Sexy minion or bust!

The evolution of pie is here!

The tag challenges retailers to walk the inclusive talk.

Toys are constantly being created and sold to fill gaps in the market, but this list of 10 weirdest toys will make you wonder what these toy makers were thinking. Masturbating Tarzan and a slab of plastic meat are just the start of this weird list of toys that you’ll be horrified to remember.

"No, I choose you."

The announcement on Thursday comes on the same day a separate report was issued criticizing the NYPD's handling of excessive force cases.

Dobby is a free elf! He's a free elf!

We're in a tech sock bubble.

"Ateu nada, vocĂŞ Ă© Ă  toa" :/

Plano de saúde? Isso é para os fracos, sua estratégia consiste em rezar para não ficar doente.

As told by chocolate cake.

Rikers Island corrections officer Brian Coll allegedly told a badly beaten Brian Spear, "That's what you get for fucking with me." Spear died minutes later.

Do the honey boo boo bop.

Don't like this dress I'm wearing? GAME. OVER.

Get ready for your next earworm...

No te preocupes, es reversible.

On Thursday the EPA tightened smog rules on ozone. Health advocates worry the rules still leave too many kids vulnerable to asthma.

After finding out late that it had the wrong drugs, Oklahoma's executions will be postponed indefinitely. But if the state had followed its own protocol, the problem would have been noticed much earlier.

You are a special human being.

Lesson of the day: YOU CAN'T TRUST AMAZON.

Just let them live.

"Por que todos os vídeos engraçados são de páginas de rádio?"

"I want to shave my tongue right now."

I just burned all my boyfriends left shoes, because I caught him cheating last night. Sorry not sorry!

Todo lo que hay que saber para hacer crecer tu cola.

Atenção: maquiagem explícita.

Can you guess the actor after we remove their face? These are the top 11 highest paid U.S. actors of 2015.


Hole-in-one, please.

As pessoas simplesmente nĂŁo entendem o prazer de gritar na janela quando seu time marca um gol.

As if we needed anymore reasons to excited about the Full House reboot.

Marcando hora no salĂŁo agora mesmo.

The shooter, reportedly armed with four guns, opened fire on the Umpqua Community College campus Thursday. He was reportedly identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer.


Because being the main character doesn't mean you deserve all the love.

The family who howls together, stays together.

Podemos dar um refresco para Mimi?

Red wine and drink of choice.


"Bailen, bailen, bailen, de otra forma, estamos perdidos."

Free. Guacamole. At. Chipotle.

"$200 to sit in the ballpark and take selfies."

Moscow is calling all anti-Assad forces “terrorists” much as it called Ukraine’s government “fascists” — and is taking a leaf from the U.S. playbook, too.

This is phone pinching.

I just like to learn, learning's my favorite!

October is finally here.

It's all fun and games until someone poops on your dashboard.

The Irish retailer has landed in America, and wants to sell Forever 21 styles at Wal-Mart prices.

Because sometimes less is more.

"We were surprised because [Russia] attacked groups that get support from the U.S., but now we realized that they are fighting the U.S. through us."

Más de 30 años juntos y todavía tenemos tanto que aprender sobre nuestro amiguito italiano.


The thought of spending my 24th birthday alone terrified me. Which is exactly why I had to do it.

Every color of the autumn rainbow, all under $100!

Warning: gorgeousness ahead.

Are you a Unicorn or a Goldfish?

Going beyond 'baby blues' and breaking down stereotypes.

In honor of its five-year anniversary today.

♫ This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ♫

The couple had given up.

El fotĂłgrafo Patrick Witty capturĂł la llegada de los refugiados a la isla griega de Lesbos para BuzzFeed News.

It's going to be legendary!

En lo profundo de tu corazĂłn sĂłlo hay una direcciĂłn correcta.

Feel old yet?


The pasta-bilities are endless.

Witnesses of Russia’s bombing campaign in northwest Syria describe carnage and civilian casualties in areas far from those under ISIS control.

"I can’t advertise because I’m getting so much coverage. It would almost be: you’d OD on Trump. You understand. That's overdose on Trump.”

Sooo awkward...

So many embarrassing photos.

Jack of all trades in video and around the office, and isn't afraid to run with scissors or use power tools.

Netflix and kill?

*gazes at day planner* 'Til death do us part.

Pizza hybrids are better than boyfriends.

Pick your zodiac sign and find out!

Their similarities will surprise you.

The would-be food of the future is bland, nutrient-rich, and beloved by a small crowd of experimental techies. Can sponsoring a pro gaming league help it reach the masses?

Además de ser delicioso, el calabacín es una verdura rica en fibras, con un alto contenido en vitaminas, y es excelente para la piel. ¿Qué más podemos pedir?

ÂżEcoturismo o foodie?

The way they were.

Malian musicians, a young artist coming of age in Johannesburg, Steve Jobs' origin story, and so much more – here are some of the most exciting movies showing at the 2015 BFI London Film Festival, which starts on 7 October.

Happy 80th birthday, Dame Julie!

No more hidden identity.

Party Cannon est un groupe de vrais rebelles.

Ganz einfach!

Life as the eldest sibling wouldn't be as fun if you didn't give your younger siblings a hard time every once in a while.

"I put a spell on you, and now you're mine." —Hocus Pocus

Can we just obsess, hope, pray, and scream for it to happen this season?

David Stojcevski died from drug withdrawal while serving a 2014 jail sentence in Michigan for not showing up to traffic court. A video obtained by BuzzFeed News captured the last day of his life. WARNING: This post contains pictures and video of Stojcevski naked and dying in his cell that some readers may consider graphic.

Happy 80th birthday, Dame Julie Andrews!

Fuck heels, get kicks.

Ay, Papi!

Eine Zeitreise in Deine Zeit als Thälmannpionier.

Tossing people into ponds to see if they float is such a hassle! Just consult this quick and easy checklist.

ÂżSe imaginan a Harry Potter y el Mate de Fuego?

Nearly 40% of the police officers who were found to have abused force between 2010 and 2014 did not receive any kind of punishment.

Probably still better than your mixtape, though.

Or how well do you know your smol space rocks.

Which star did they pretend to be?

Hatten diese Promis Nutella oder Nudossi auf dem Brot?


Pucker up.

Would you play an instrument, or is being behind the scenes more your style?

What happens in the office stays in the office.

E tem um monte de celebridades vestindo camisetas com caras de outras celebridades lá.

Trafalgar Square is, like, the WORST PART.

Ahora pidió que le diseñaran un logo, el premio era una comida.

Would you do it?


There will be blood. Oh yes, there will be blood.

Remember: You have puppies on your side.

Ça vous a pris des années avant de trouver votre meilleure expression.

The shade of it all!


Todo se deberĂ­a celebrar con pastel.

The 39-year-old comedian sat down with BuzzFeed to discuss his struggles with weight loss and how he maintains a healthy diet on the road.

Anti-adblocking technology may be publishers' best weapon as they confront the problem.

Carrefour et la SNCM ont profité de l'Aïd el-Kebir pour envoyer des offres promotionnelles à des clients. Certains internautes questionnent cette démarche.

It's the game of signs.

Play the emoji memory game!

New month = inspiration overload.

Can I get a PSL up in this castle???

Dos de todo, por favor.

"Taylor Swift is an angel and my family and I can't thank her enough...She is such an incredible human being."

Best costume ever? More like best parents ever.

Paws and think about your actions.

A dream playdate tbh.

No hubo un solo ojo seco en la casa.

Russia’s airstrikes in Syria are like “pouring gasoline on fire,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said. Hurricane Joaquin is making its way to the Bahamas and could hit the U.S. by the weekend. And what it’s like inside Google’s new self-driving car.

Ab 1988 bekam jeder DDR-Bürger, der Westdeutschland besuchte, 100 DM Begrüßungsgeld. Rechnet man das heute um, so hätten 100 DM 86,63 Euro Kaufkraft. Was könntest Du heute damit kaufen?

Seriously, sort your shit, Twitter.

Leland Shumake foi infectado com um tipo raro de ameba enquanto brincava fora de casa.

Because spaghetti is so basic.

Veja como cuidar da melhor maneira de seu bichano.

There really is nobody like him.

She's on a roll.

Whoever runs this account is a gift

District superintendent Jim Holbeck told BuzzFeed News that police are currently investigating Wednesday morning's incident. The principal sustained minor injuries.

Blibbity blobbity bloo...b.

We spoke to Sana Amanat, Marvel's director of content and character development, about what's making Marvel Comics accessible to everyone.

Jessica Zucker, Ph.D., created the cards after experiencing her own pregnancy loss.

Duele mantener los ojos abiertos.

A group of Republican and Democrat senators announced a long-awaited deal on a broad criminal justice bill Thursday. Advocates didn't get the cuts in mandatory minimums they were hoping for but are still supporting the bill.

"Never have I ever caught my mom singing Diana Ross songs in the shower."

Basics vodka + squash = the best drink ever.

For a supporter, it took meeting Clinton to see the “contrast” between the person and the “caricatures.” How one moment went from an intense, meaningful exchange between candidate and voter, to a story retold on Facebook, to one shared on Twitter, to a campaign video.

Et c'est bien dommage.

We demand you drop everything and give Queen Khloe the attention she deserves.

Amour + Internet = DĂ©nouement heureux.

I really, really do not want to be here right now.

"No one is ever asking for it. We shouldn't be asking women to cover up," artist Sarah Maple told BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed News spoke to women who claim they were refused entry into London's DSTRKT club.

All the reds, oranges, yellows, and browns one can ask for.

Trump says he welcomes Russian airstrikes targeting ISIS in Syria, and that he would send Syrian refugees back to Syria.

Why didn't you answer, SRK?!

Two key showdowns between the parties and the broadcasters helped create an ideal scenario for Harper.

It seems Party Cannon did not get the memo.

Rápido, haz click en este post antes que sea cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens.

Why I love Hideo Kojima's demented and hilarious masterpiece.

No one has to know.

Corbyn politely refused when offered a can of Scotland's national drink by BuzzFeed News, but there was a happy ending.

Thirteen people were extradited from Mexico to the United States to face charges on a number of crimes including drug trafficking and murder.

"This is like the start of a bad porno."

Ich habe viele peinliche Fragen über die DDR, auf die ich gerne eine Antwort hätte. Also habe ich einfach meine ostdeutschen Kollegen gefragt, damit ihr euch nicht blamieren müsst. Das sind ihre Antworten.

Dame un chihuahua de cerámica para mis tacos o mátame.

Well, it does sound pretty terrifying.

For those all times you don't feel like fighting for towel space at Bondi.

"Here’s our Marcus with a quick reminder."

Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

Three years ago, the Senate launched an investigation into financial ties between Big Pharma and pain patient advocacy groups. Now some doctors want to know what happened to the evidence.

Les deux garçons ne pourront pas se marier officiellement, mais leur geste a ému le web chinois.

Ed has come a long way since his stuttering, bespectacled childhood.

And if you can't think of someone, then that's you.

Life's a beach and it's glorious.

Step away from your ex's Twitter feed.

Joyeux 20e anniversaire, PlayStation!

Russian warplanes began airstrikes in Syria in support of a push by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in the country's civil war last week.

Everybody wants to be a cat!

He will he will rock you.

There's nothing worse than mixing up a conjuring spell with a small Welsh coastal town.

We judge you by your font choice.

A new law change has made it illegal for landlords to evict tenants in privately rented accommodation who ask for improvements to their homes.

Fusilli, vos formes m'ensorcellent.

Das Leben im kleinen Westen.

Almost 70,000 children in England are under the care of the state, new official figures show, with a sharp rise in child asylum-seekers.

Da haben nicht mal Eisbären eine Chance.

Bob Roberts will start work at the City of London Corporation from November.

You've been nice to a girl? That's 100 points towards your sex prize!

The app allows customers to order a driver who does not drive on the Jewish Sabbath, from Friday evening to Saturday night, in keeping with strict Jewish law.

Pour tous ceux qui ont connu le Monopoly époque «20.000 francs».

Want to expand your music library? You've come to the right place.

The street was sucked beneath the earth in the night.

It was the best of Times. It was the worst of Times.

♫ Just a small town girl! ♫

Kids are as honest as you wish you could be.

They announced their engagement in the births, marriages, and deaths section of The Times.

Panierte Wurst nennt ihr Jägerschnitzel?

When most people hear “OCD” they immediately think of excessive hand-washing, repetitive checking of locks and appliances, and keeping things perfectly straight. While those can be common aspects of the disorder many people, even some professionals, fail to realize just how many are suffering from some of the more rare forms that fall under the OCD Umbrella. An important aspect of OCD is that the sufferer knows the thoughts are irrational; they simply cannot stop them (much like a broken record). Here are some (but not all!) of the lesser-known forms of OCD.

BRB, packing my bags right now.

"I'm so sorry we forgot to teach her cooking. We were very busy educating her."

Certaines ont résisté à l'épreuve du temps –d'autres appartiennent définitivement au passé.

Meine Brille ist nicht Vintage, verdammt, die ist Retro!

In Sachsen gibt es absolut nichts zu sehen.

Rien de mieux qu'un bon jeu de société pour briser une amitié.

Je veux vraiment, vraiment que des bébés loutres se ruent sur moi comme ça.


You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream.

"Bugger it. I’m growing a baby."

All beef patties, delicious bunz and special sauce.

Love is spelled P-I-Z-Z-A.

'Tis the season for everyone's favorite shows returning! A hallowed event I used to cherish, before my TV show ended.

These bands are completely different. Which one is more for you?


Foreign Agent Registration Act rules require individual lobbyists to register the clients they represent, and lobbying firms are required to file their contacts on behalf of those clients.

It's the unlikely duo you never knew you needed.

Her name is Rita, and she deserves your attention.

Twitter shows its NYC headquarters to the public for the first time

Influential Indigenous business leaders have met in Sydney.

You don't have to be a fan of prematurely cancelled Sci-Fi series to love "Con Man."

How scary are you really?

They're ~un-brie-lievable~.

Which HIMYM home suits you like a suit?

The remains of Joshua Maddux, 18, were found inside the chimney of a cabin about a mile from his Colorado home, authorities said. It appeared his death was accidental.

The sesame balls are kind of made out of magic.

The only winning move is not to play.

Yes. The answer is yes. Well now can you know exactly where he would hypothetically PYD aka Put Ya Down, because it is exactly what he sings about in this song off his new album, Journals. For your literal listening pleasure.

Are you feisty like a fermata or trouble like a treble clef?

Because you know you're dying to find out.

At least five emails were sent to Hilary Clinton disguised to look like speeding tickets.