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    Ten OCD Sub-Types You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    When most people hear “OCD” they immediately think of excessive hand-washing, repetitive checking of locks and appliances, and keeping things perfectly straight. While those can be common aspects of the disorder many people, even some professionals, fail to realize just how many are suffering from some of the more rare forms that fall under the OCD Umbrella. An important aspect of OCD is that the sufferer knows the thoughts are irrational; they simply cannot stop them (much like a broken record). Here are some (but not all!) of the lesser-known forms of OCD.

    1. Harm OCD

    2. Scrupulosity OCD

    3. hOCD (Homosexual OCD)

    4. rOCD (Relationship OCD)

    5. Hit and Run OCD (MVA OCD)

    6. pOCD (Pedophile OCD)

    7. Memory Hoarding

    8. 'Just Right' OCD

    9. Olfactory Reference Syndrome

    10. Pure-O OCD