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    Kim Kardashian And Tracee Ellis Ross Playing "Never Have I Ever" Is Unexpectedly Hilarious

    "Never have I ever caught my mom singing Diana Ross songs in the shower."

    TV star Kim Kardashian and actress Tracee Ellis Ross are two women you'd probably never put together...

    But there's actually one kind of important thing that the two fabulous ladies have in common.

    Yep – they both have very famous mums.

    And when they both appeared on Ellen on Wednesday, the pair teamed up to bring us one seriously hilarious game of "Never Have I Ever".

    Inspired by their famous mums, Ellen asked them a bunch of mum-related questions. The first one was pretty standard stuff...

    And Kim's response was pretty funny.

    But things got even better when Ellen asked this...

    And Kim gave us the amazing image of Kris Jenner getting her groove on to The Supremes.

    But things got real when Ellen asked this...

    Because this was Kim's response.

    And her face really says it all.

    We're looking at you, Kris J.

    Watch the completely hilarious video in its entirety here:

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