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How Sulcata Tortoises Became America's Most Adorable Mistake

Over the last three decades, massive sulcata tortoises have become a popular American family pet. Meet the people who made that happen — and the ones that are begging you not to buy one.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

In Florida Rehabs, Addicts Are Bought And Sold

In the rehab capital of America, addicts are bought, sold, and stolen for their insurance policies, and many women are coerced into sex.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

FDA Demands New Studies, Strict Warnings On Essure Sterilization Device

After months of debate, the FDA is acknowledging the serious risks that come with the Essure sterilization device. But many women are angry it hasn’t been pulled from the market.

Azeen Ghorayshi 3 years ago

Scientists Are Boycotting This Company For Alleged Goat Abuse, Bad Tweets

Santa Cruz Biotech, a lab supply company the government has accused repeatedly of animal welfare violations, has now gotten itself into Twitter hot water.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

CDC Keeps Quietly Changing That Booze And Pregnancy Infographic

They tried adding a man, but then changed their minds.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

Botox, Cough Syrup, And An Anesthetic Are All Being Tested As Antidepressants

Pharma companies are looking at old drugs — including a common cough suppressant, an opiate addiction treatment, and even Botox — for new ways to treat depression.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

Do Antidepressants Double The Risk Of Aggression In Kids?

A paper published this week shows many flaws in how pharma companies collect and report dangerous side effects.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

A Judge Dismissed A Woman's DWI Because Her Gut Makes Its Own Booze

A New York woman’s DWI case was thrown out after the judge deemed that she had auto-brewery syndrome, a rare condition in which the gut brews its own alcohol.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

States Are Struggling To Keep Medical Weed Safe

With no federal standards to guide them, fewer than half of medical marijuana states require safety testing of cannabis.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

Mental Illness Cost Eddie Davison His Freedom — Will It Also Cost Him $2 Million?

Locked up in a psych ward under the false premise that he was a convicted sex offender, Eddie Davison sued New York state for false imprisonment. Now the state is charging him $2 million.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

Doctors Want To Pull Drug Ads From TV And Magazines

The largest doctor group in the U.S. is calling for a ban on direct-to-consumer marketing for prescription drugs and medical devices.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

The Government Is Probably Tracking Your Painkiller Prescriptions

While the opioid crisis rages, a report published on Monday recommends that states require doctors to check patient names in massive prescription databases, in hopes of finding telltale signs of addiction and drug-dealing.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

This Cancer Scientist Faked Tons Of Studies, Say Feds

On Monday, some nine years after Anil Potti first wrote about a new way to pick the best chemo treatment, government investigators announced that he made most of it up.

Cat Ferguson 3 years ago

Astronomy Field Reeling After Sexual Harassment Scandal

Now that Geoff Marcy has resigned from his position at Berkeley, astronomers are grappling with what comes next.

Peter Aldhous 4 years ago

Researchers Are Giving Stem Cell Therapy To Babies Before They're Born

Scientists in Europe are trying stem cell therapy to help fetuses diagnosed with severe brittle bone disease. The work shows the value of using fetal cells in research, experts say.

Cat Ferguson 4 years ago

The Senate's Painkiller Investigation Is Dead In The Water

Three years ago, the Senate launched an investigation into financial ties between Big Pharma and pain patient advocacy groups. Now some doctors want to know what happened to the evidence.

Cat Ferguson 4 years ago

Biotech Abuses Expose Holes In Federal Animal Protections

The Feds are investigating a California biotechnology company for inadequate care of thousands of goats and rabbits, and hiding hundreds of animals from inspectors for years. Experts say the case reveals major weaknesses in animal welfare law.

Cat Ferguson 4 years ago

Yet More Evidence That The Antidepressant Paxil Isn’t Safe For Kids

A motley crew of retired psychiatrists found tons of problems with a study that hid the risk of kids killing themselves on the antidepressant Paxil.

Cat Ferguson 4 years ago

Pee Scams, Kickbacks, And Overdoses Plague South Florida Rehabs

Nicole Cronin was one of the hundreds of people who overdose in Palm Beach County every year. She came to South Florida for help, but instead found a rehab system with weak scientific backing that's riddled with fraud.

Cat Ferguson 4 years ago

Here’s Why Science Can’t Make Up Its Mind

Hundreds of scientists from around the world redid 100 psychology studies. Fewer than half reproduced the original results.

Cat Ferguson 4 years ago