Sarah Harris Just Shut Down People Who Judge Pregnant Women In The Best Way

    "Bugger it. I’m growing a baby."

    Studio 10 host Sarah Harris is pregnant at the moment – and she has a message for people who judge her appearance.

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    On Thursday morning, the Studio 10 crew got talking about some pictures of Harris that had appeared in a Women's Weekly photoshoot, and others that had appeared in the Daily Mail.

    "This is what I really look like off duty," said Harris, about the Daily Mail pictures. "My first reaction when I saw these photos was 'oh my god'."

    "And then I made the mistake of reading the comments, where some of them were just revolting. Having a go at how huge I am, how fat I am, how ugly I am."

    Harris said that at first the comments got her down... but then she layed down her feelings in spectacular fashion.

    "I did feel pretty awful about the comments and the pictures but then I thought, you know what? Bugger it. I'm growing a baby," she said.

    "This is me, this is how I get around once I leave work. I take off my pretty frocks, the heavy make up and the hair, I take off my spanx which I'm still wearing. 

That's what I look like and it's OK."

    "And I hope those photos of me make other pregnant women feel better about their bodies because I'm kind of fed up with the body shaming that happened when you're pregnant and the pressure that comes afterwards to lose the baby weight."

    Then Harris delivered a message to all the other pregnant women out there who have been made to feel bad about their bodies.

    "On behalf of all of the pregnant women out there who might be feeling a little bit chubby and a little bit flabby, on behalf of all of them, I want to say to the haters, get stuffed," she said.

    And then she finished with this.

    Preach it, Sarah. 👏 👏 👏