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Fall In L.A. Vs. Fall Everywhere Else

*bursts into flames*

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Fall is officially here, people! For most of you, it's a glorious time of year filled with cozy sweaters and hot beverages.

So casual. So carefree.

But for us in L.A., it's still hot AF.

We're basically dying.

While your trees begin to turn gorgeous colors...


We've got, well, this.

Awesomely Luvvie / Via

*wind whistles*

You can't wait for the weekend to do cute fall things, like apple picking.

This shit was made for Instagram.

But over here, we can't wait to get back to work.

It is depressing that I am looking forward to the work week starting for some free AC. #LAfall #heatwave #whenisitover

You get to look all ~cool and effortless~ in your layered looks.

New Line Cinema

Werk it, Leo.

Meanwhile, we feel like this whenever we try to wear a leather jacket.


And, sure, you might sport a beanie to actually keep your head warm.

V stylish outfit, sir.

Out here we're pairing them with tank tops because we don't GAF.


Running outside is a breeze when it's a crisp 60 degrees!

Warner Bros. Television

Ew, that rhymed. I'm so sorry.

While we're over here like...

Daft Arts

Just going for a quick jog, lol!

While you're trying to decide which pair of cute boots to wear...

We're over here trying to make use of our *one* pair. / Via

This looks natural.

You'll probably go on a fun hayride in the coming months.


But in L.A., you just have to make do.

Close enough?

It must be nice to be able to sleep with blankets!

Maybe even two!

We'll just be lying on top of our sheets completely naked.

It's too late to buy AC now.

While you sip on your pipin' hot PSLs...

(Pumpkin Spice Lattes, duhhhh.)

We'll be over here being mad about it.

2 hot 2 live.

So continue to make those glorious apple and pumpkin pies, people.

Gimme dat.

Because for us, it's just another reason to sweat.

Comedy Central

*whispers to self* This will be worth it. This will be worth it. This will be worth it.

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