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Women Are Tie-Dyeing Their Hair And It's Pretty Crazy

Would you do it?

So the latest weird hair color trend? TIE-DYE.

Tie-dye hair color is done the same way that you might tie-dye your favorite T-shirt.

Here's a straight-up tutorial from stylist Rickey Zito so you can do it yourself.

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Look at all dat color.

The result is less of an all-over effect and more bright swaths of color.

It can be very, um, bright.

And kinda cool. But what do you think? Would you do it?

  1. Would you try the tie-dye trend?

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Would you try the tie-dye trend?
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    Hells yes!
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    No way, looks gross.
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    I'm on the fence.
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    I already did it, and I'm sharing my pics in the comments.
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    What even is going on with hair anymore?