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16 Things Londoners Want Tourists To Know

Trafalgar Square is, like, the WORST PART.

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We recently asked the Londoners of the BuzzFeed Community what advice they'd give to tourists. Here's what they said:

1. You can get the Shard view for less.

Don't pay £25 to go to the View from the Shard when £8 gets you a glass of wine and comparable views from the Shard's bars, Aqua and Oblix.

Alice Chadfield, Facebook

2. Regular double deckers can be just as good as bus tours.

Sack off the London tour buses. Instead get the 159 bus from Lambeth North station. It goes past the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey and up Horse Guards Parade to Oxford Circus. Then get the 10 towards Hammersmith from Oxford Circus which goes up Oxford Street past Selfridges, then Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge and specifically Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Rides are under £2 with a card or Oyster. Download information to read as you go past and you've got yourself a tour for a fraction of the cost.



3. Not all fish and chips are made equal.

Eat a fish and chips, but not from a pub or any place that sells anything other than fish and chips like a kebab shop. Check out Poppies in Camden Market or The Fish and Chip Shop at Liverpool Street, or ask around for a local chippy anywhere else.

—Russell Harding, Facebook

4. Skip the London Eye and go to the top of One New Change instead.

For a good view of London go to the top of the One New Change shopping centre, it's free!

—Kate Fothergill, Facebook

5. And check out all the great views beyond central London.

Flickr: davidedamico

Check out the views from Alexandra Palace before or after an event or gig there. It's a fantastic venue and it offers one of the most stunning views of the London skyline.

—Alexandra Louise Dalwood, Facebook


7. Think before you take a rickshaw.

They may look fun, but most are unlicensed and they'll often try and charge you ridiculous prices hoping you won't know any better. London drivers hate them for causing tailbacks and endangering lives with their erratic driving.

—Nick Berggren, Facebook

8. Walk as much as you can.

Flickr: 14903992@N08

Skip the tube and walk, most places are closer than you realize and it can actually be faster. Plus, London on a nice day makes for an amazingly beautiful and scenic place so you'll probably see a few things you would have never come across otherwise!


9. Check out hidden gems like Maltby Street Market.

Grab a bite to eat and a Little Bird gin cocktail at the Maltby Street Market. You can even hide under the railway arches on a rainy day.

—Ashlegh-Maree, Facebook

10. Or St Christopher's Place.

The metropolitan bars, restaurants, and cafes of St Christopher's Place seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street which is just a stone's throw away.



11. Replace Westminster Abbey with a trip to St Bartholomew's.

Visit the Church of St Bartholomew the Great in Smithfield. Like walking straight into the 12th century. And while you're in the neighborhood, be sure to sign up for a tour of the Charterhouse monastery.


14. Don't miss the Sky Garden.

Go to the Sky Garden at the Walkie Talkie. It's free to get in and the views are incredible.



15. Greenwich may be out of your way, but it's worth it.

Greenwich was such a nice relaxing change from the business of London, and the Royal Observatory is a must-see!


16. Respect the locals.

Don't stop in the middle of the pavement to take a photo, or worse – a selfie. Stand on the right. Observe correct queueing etiquette, always. Be aware of the people around you. Enjoy the city – but remember that not everyone is here on holiday. Some of us have to get to work.

—Alice Chadfield, Facebook

These submissions have been edited for length and clarity.