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    19 Secrets People Who Work In Marketing Will Never Tell You

    We judge you by your font choice.

    1. We know that the rest of you think we do a fake job.

    2. But we still see this when we look in the mirror.

    3. We know how to deal with with the vaguest of briefs.

    A classic brief "copy to go bang bang bang" #thingsyouhearinagencies

    Seriously. We get briefs like this and we're expected to turn them into something on a daily basis.

    4. Because all that fun stuff you look at online started with a serious meeting.

    5. And because so much of our work is based online, we all have blogs.

    6. Which means we really judge your bad font choices.

    7. No dress code = daily wardrobe agony.

    8. Which means we all end up all dressing identically.

    9. We're always squabbling over whose turn it is to book the trendy meeting room.

    10. Weird stuff happens around the office a lot.

    11. But we have normal problems too. Like the eternal office playlist struggle.

    Someone put Frank Turner on the office playlist.

    The joy you feel when it's your turn to DJ is immeasurable.

    12. And the fact that none of us can function without coffee.

    13. In fact, we're actually very snobby about coffee.

    14. We'd give our right eye for anything Google-branded.

    15. We've managed to turn being persuasive into an art form.

    16. And we're absolute pros at putting off doing timesheets.

    17. We scramble over client lunch leftovers like vultures.

    18. And although we do work hard, we're all partial to a pub lunch and a pub dinner on a Friday.

    19. But all the hard work is worth it come award season.