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    21 Dogs Who Know Exactly What You Did

    Paws and think about your actions.

    1. "Drinking straight from the carton again?"


    2. "What are you going to do if the neighbors ever decide to secure their wifi?"

    3. "There's no way you read the terms & conditions that quickly."

    4. "Too late. I saw you kick that ice cube under the fridge."

    5. "That was NOT your last piece of gum."

    6. "How was that grape you just ate without paying for it?"

    7. "Going to the movies? What's the bag of snacks for? You know there are snacks at the theater already, right?"

    8. "Interesting how you're just now getting home and your curfew was two hours ago."

    9. "You sure did grab a lot of those free samples. I don't think that's how it works."

    10. "Don't think I didn't see you roll your eyes when Mom was yelling at you from the other room."

    11. "Sooner or later, you're going to have to stop ignoring that phone call."

    12. "If my new song leaked before it was supposed to come out, would you download that too?"

    13. "Eyes on the road."


    14. "Just gonna pretend I don't see you over there stalking your crush on Facebook."

    15. "By the way, you're not sneaky about taking bites of your food before everyone gets to the table."

    16. "Oh, it's legal to roll slowly through stop signs now?"


    17. "Hmm. You're walking home really early from school today."

    18. "Throwing your clothes on the floor of your closet doesn't count as cleaning your room."

    19. "That piece of paper you tossed at the trash can didn't go in. When were you planning on going over to pick it up?"

    20. "Did you just double dip?"

    21. "I know you're going to brush those crumbs onto the floor instead of actually cleaning them up. But that can just be our little secret."